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100 Whey Protein: Answers To Your Questions


The whey protein supplement market is continuously growing. Of the many products introduced, one of the most popular whey supplements today remains 100 whey protein, also known as ‘100% whey protein’. 100 whey protein delineates precisely what it is; a product of 100% whey with no additives.


Whey is created as a by-product while making other milk goods, generally cheese. It is formed from the curdling of milk through a chemical process. Whey is considered a complete protein meaning that it contains all nine amino acids, so pure whey is regarded as one of the best protein sources in all available supplements.


At Prime Growth Nutrition we understand that, for our customers, it is essential to know what they are putting in their bodies. So in the following article, let us answer some of the burning questions you may have about 100 whey protein. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about whey protein that we aim to answer.




Is Whey 100 Protein Good For You?


It is no small claim, but 100 whey protein is one of the healthiest ways for anybody, not just athletes or bodybuilders, to add protein to their diet. Not only does it contain all of the essential amino acids, but it has been clinically proven to help with muscle gain, increase strength, and can even help with weight loss.


What Is 100% Whey Protein Used For?


100 whey protein is a protein supplement. A supplement is a targeted way to increase the amount of a particular compound in one’s diet without compromising on calories, usually vitamins or macros. Thus, the primary purpose is to increase the amount of protein in one’s diet without raising calorie intake.


What Is The Difference Between 100% Whey And 100% Whey Protein?


The main difference between 100 whey protein and 100 whey (also called whey isolate) is the protein, lactose, and fat content concentration in a standard serving of 100 calories. On average, 100 whey protein contains about 18 grams of protein, and 100 whey (or whey isolate) generally packs in about 23 grams of protein. 100 whey also contains fewer carbs, fat and lactose.


Is Whey Protein Good For Weight Gain?


Clinical trials have shown that whey protein can help promote muscle growth and mass. This, in turn, would help to increase weight healthily. However, one should always speak to a professional to manage this muscle and weight gain.




Should I Take Whey Protein With Milk Or Water?


Although 100 whey protein can be taken with either, the choice of milk or water generally depends on your dietary requirements. For example, if you are trying to keep your calorie intake low, then it is advisable to take protein powder with water. On the other hand, if you want to increase your calorie intake and mass, milk will be a better option. However, it should be noted that the type of milk can also play a role in this decision.


Is It OK To Drink Whey Protein Every Day?


100 whey protein is a natural supplement and can be taken safely daily. Although it is safe to take, one should keep to their daily protein requirements, as consuming more than the recommended dose may not provide additional benefits. Regarding daily necessities, the amount of protein you consume depends on age, gender, and pre-existing health conditions.


Can I Consume 100 Grams Of Whey Protein A Day?


As stated above, the 100 whey protein you consume daily should be based on pre-existing factors. Thus not everyone should take the same amount of protein each day. A good guideline for your protein intake is between 0.8 and 1 gram of protein for every kilogram you weigh. Therefore one should only consume 100 grams of protein powder if their body weight is approaching 100 kilograms.


Is 100 Whey Protein Good For Weight Loss?


Although 100 whey protein can benefit your weight loss goals, it is most effective when it forms part of a balanced diet and a good exercise regime. In addition, whey protein helps with weight loss by making you feel fuller, so you don’t eat unhealthy foods with empty calories; it can also help increase your metabolic rate, which will help with weight loss.


Is Whey Protein Good For Health?


As suggested above, 100 whey protein can be perfect for your health. It is a natural product that contains all the essential amino acids. It is also beneficial to weight loss and muscle growth. Protein powder can have many positive health benefits if the product is taken in moderation along with a healthy lifestyle.




Should Men And Women Use Different Whey Proteins?


With all the health benefits and positives listed above, you may still wonder if 100 whey protein is healthy for men and women or if there are different products for different genders. Whey protein is a natural product and is a fantastic way for both men and women to increase their daily protein intake. However, the amount taken may differ depending on differentiating factors between men and women—for instance, body weight and health goals. Another differentiating factor between men and women can be found in what they seek from their protein supplement.


Some whey protein supplements contain collagen and target the female market as they promote health and beauty at the same time. They allow women who want to look good and feel good to find the perfect product.


On the other hand, some whey proteins are targeted directly towards men, as they contain additives that help improve athletic performance or promote muscle gain or weight gain as part of the draw. These products are referred to as mass gainers, and at Prime Growth Nutrition, we have a whole subsection of whey proteins targeted towards these sorts of needs. Some of our best products in this space are:


NPL Hyper Gain Mass: With a high-calorie yield and an anabolic stack of creatinine and taurine, this product is a perfect way to put on some bulk.


Barbarian Nutrition Colossal Mass: Packed with over 700 calories per serving, 40g of high-quality protein, and 7 000mg of cell-volumizing amino acids, this product will help you pack on that muscle quickly.


Although these products may be targeted towards certain genders based on people’s wants and needs, it should again be stated here that none of these products is gender exclusive and depends on what you want and need from your supplements. All of these products are available and healthy to take regardless of gender.



Popular South African Products


In South Africa, there has always been a culture of fitness freaks who want to look good and build muscle, whether to get that perfect beach body or to raise their game for the next rugby match. At Prime Growth Nutrition, we understand this and provide the men and women of South Africa with the widest variety of whey supplements in the country. In addition, we stock some of the best and most popular protein brands, bringing an international standard of excellence to the country. Some of our best protein powder products include:


USN Blue Lab 100% Whey Protein: USN has been a market leader in the supplement space for a long time, and with this 100 whey protein, you are getting the highest quality whey protein product, designed with your well-being in mind.


SSA Supplements Pure Whey: This product forms part of the core products from the SSA Supplements brand. Not only does it contain the highest quality protein, but it also has an optimal amino acid uptake profile and has many benefits ranging from increased protein synthesis to reduced inflammation and the production of cholecystokinin to help with weight loss.


NPL Platinum Whey + Protein: NPL is another brand leader, and with their platinum range, you know you are getting the best of the best. This product is high in BCAA (Branched-chain amino acids) and boasts seven sources of protein. This is an overall healthy option with no added soy and also being gluten-free.




These are just a tiny taste of the many premium and famous brands that we, at Prime Growth Nutrition, stock so that our South African clients can enjoy the best international offers.


Why Choose Prime Growth Nutrition?


Now that we have looked in depth at 100 whey protein and all of its benefits, you may be wondering where the best place to get your hands on some would be. We’re here to tell you that our Prime Growth Nutrition online store is the best solution. Let us look at some of the reasons why:


1. As mentioned in this article, we provide only the best and most popular brands of protein and other supplements at Prime Growth Nutrition. Therefore you can rest assured that when shopping at our online supplement store, you receive only the best quality products.


2. We also have an incredible variety of protein products. For example, in our protein powder range, we stock everything from whey protein to whey isolates, from egg protein products to collagen and vegan proteins. So whatever your dietary requirements, we at Prime Growth Nutrition have got you covered.


3. Our Prime Growth Nutrition product range goes far beyond protein powders. We also stock weight management supplements, post-workout recovery products, performance enhancers and other products for general health. So why jump between stores when you can get all your health needs in one convenient place?


4. Our online store stocks over 50 categories of products and over 100 product variations that can easily be purchased online and delivered right to your door.


100 Whey Protein: All Your Questions Answered


This article has examined the most common questions concerning 100 whey protein. Through this process, we have highlighted the natural, healthy nature of whey protein and a few of the product’s different uses. Furthermore, this article has sought to highlight some of the most popular brands in South Africa today and showed you where to get your hands on the best-of-the-best when it comes to 100 whey protein. So don’t hesitate to boost your workout routine and general diet with the right protein supplements – head to our online store and get your hands on some of South Africa’s most popular supplements today!



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