A Beginner’s Guide To Supplements: How To Use Whey Protein Powder


When it comes to building muscle and burning fat, whey protein powder should not be underestimated. This remarkable supplement is an ideal addition to your workout routine. Alongside frequent exercise and a healthy diet, whey protein powder will help stimulate muscle growth and keep you operating at peak performance.


We have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to use whey protein powder. From calculating intake to when to take it, read this beginner’s guide to whey protein powder. Prime Growth is a reliable supplier of a variety of health products including whey protein powder. With a focus on health and fitness, Prime Growth is here to help you “BE THE BEST YOU”




How To Use Whey Protein Powder:


Protein plays a vital role in building and rebuilding muscle. Whether you’re an avid athlete or just looking to better take care of your body, adding whey protein powder to your diet is highly recommended. When you exercise, your muscles succumb to micro-traumas, and it’s up to your body to gather the nutrients needed to repair these slight tears. Whey protein powder assists with this process and primes your muscles to handle tension. Here are some helpful tips on how to use whey protein powder to get the most out of the stupendous supplement.


What Is Whey Protein?


Whey protein is a mixture of proteins that have been isolated from whey. Whey is the liquid part of milk that separates from the fatty parts. Milk is made up of two proteins – whey and casein. After the whey has been separated from its counterpart, it will go through various processing steps until it eventually becomes the recognizable powder we all know as whey protein. While it doesn’t taste very good on its own, whey protein powder is often mixed with various flavourings. This protein powder is the magnum opus of the fitness industry and is widely popular amongst fitness enthusiasts and casual gym-goers alike.




Calculate Your Protein Intake:


Calculating exactly how much protein you need can be vastly beneficial for building muscle. The amount of protein you need specifically will depend on a number of factors including your age, weight, fitness goals, and activity level. Individuals of all ages can benefit from consuming whey protein on a regular basis. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or simply tone your body, calculating your protein intake can be incredibly useful. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to calculate your ideal protein intake.


One of the most common ways of determining your protein intake is through body weight. A general rule of thumb when calculating protein intake is to incorporate 1.4 grams of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight. However, this is a bit of an oversimplification, as this calculation should be based on lean weight and not overall body weight. Essentially, the more muscle you have, the more protein you will need to repair and maintain it.


You can also determine this number by considering your daily calorie intake. If you don’t want to work according to body mass percentages, then this is a simple alternative. Each gram of protein contains approximately 4 calories. Divide the 2-calorie range numbers by 4. For example; if you eat 2000 calories per day, then you should be consuming 200-700 calories worth of protein – or 50-75 grams of protein per day.


It’s important to remember that exceeding the amounts of protein your body needs will not result in any added value, nor will it have a positive impact on your fitness goals. Your body will get rid of whatever nutrients it doesn’t need, including protein, so be careful not to overcompensate when it comes to calculating a decent dosage.


What To Mix It With:


Now that you know how much whey protein you’re going to need to reach your goals, it’s on to the next pressing question; What do I mix it with? Whey protein often comes in various flavours like strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. When picking out your whey protein supplement products, it’s important to check the ingredients as some of these flavoured options can contain unhealthy additives like refined sugar.


Whey protein can be consumed as a meal replacement protein shake. This can save you both time and energy without having to compromise on much-needed nutrients. Whey protein mixes easily with either milk or water. You could drink it like that, or add some extra supplements and snacks to the mix for an all-in-one shake on the go.


Some whey protein products also come in the form of an energy bar. This is also a useful option if you’re looking for a light snack that’s packed with the essentials. Here are some whey protein products that you can get through Prime Growth. Whether you want a bar or a bucketload of powder, Prime Growth has got you covered.




Nutritech Whey Protein Bar: This whey protein bar is the perfect snack and a great addition to your fitness diet. Serving as both an energy booster and a pre-workout prepper, this tasty bar is formulated to promote muscle recovery.


SSA Supplements Whey extreme: This supplement is marketed as a potent blend of whey protein infused with creatine for muscle growth and increased strength development. If gaining muscle is one of your main goals, then this is the perfect protein powder for you.


Nutritech NT Whey Isolate: You might find your body unable to tolerate whey concentrate, and if that’s the case, this is the best option for you. Whey isolate is engineered to promote muscle recovery as a single-source protein. For high doses of protein and low fat, Nutritechs NT Whey Isolate is the way to go.


USN Harcore Whey: This ground-breaking product provides all the muscle-building nutrients you need for your fitness routine. If you want to break a plateau or build sustainable strength, this hardcore muscle growth option might be the ideal supplement for you.


When Should You Take Protein Powder?


Timing is important when it comes to using protein powder. Your body will discard whatever nutrients it doesn’t need, so in order to make the most of your protein, it’s best to take it at a time in which your body is going to need it most. When you decide to take whey protein powder is entirely up to your individual needs and preferences. There are a few theories on when taking whey would best benefit your body, however, the process looks different for everyone. Both whey protein and casein powder can be beneficial throughout the day. Here are a few instances in which you could try out some protein powder.




1)In The Morning:


While you’re sleeping, your body is hard at work keeping your vital organs and other bodily functions working efficiently. To do this, your body burns through stored glycogen. When you’re asleep, your body can quickly burn through these glycogen stores and then turn to your muscles instead. Your body will begin to break down muscle protein to use as a fuel source. In order to prevent this, and subsequent muscle loss, you can use whey powder in the morning to prevent muscle catabolism.


Taking whey protein in the morning will ensure that your body doesn’t begin to break down muscle protein before you’ve had your breakfast. This is also a convenient way to have breakfast on the go in the form of a whey protein shake.


2)In The Evening:


After a long day, your body will need to rebuild and repair muscles. Even when you’re fast asleep, your body will be working hard to repair any muscle damage acquired during the day. To do this, however, your body needs the right nutrients and a steady supply of amino acids. You can take whey protein right before bed to stimulate muscle repair and ensure that your daily gains don’t go to waste by the time you get into bed. Alongside whey protein powder, a dose of casein protein powder in the evenings is a great combination for optimising muscle growth and recovery.


Casein powder will provide your body with a slow release of amino acids and other nutrients. Since casein takes much longer to digest, your body will burn through this supplement throughout the night, guaranteeing you an energised early morning and preserved muscle growth.


3)During Lunch:


Keeping your energy levels up throughout the day can be difficult. Rather than chugging as much caffeine as you can manage, opt for a lunch-break protein shake to replenish your energy. By supplying your body with a steady stream of amino acids, you can be sure to have an energy-filled day.


A high-protein diet is both affordable and convenient when you have the right products, and Prime Growth is here to supply you with everything you need for a fit, healthy lifestyle. From casein to whey protein and much more, our products will help you put your well-being first.




4)Before Working Out:


Taking protein powder right before a vigorous workout comes highly recommended by a plethora of professionals in the fitness industry. Your body uses proteins to rebuild muscle fibres, and taking protein supplements will supply your body with the boost it needs to better this process. Prime your pump by adding protein to your pre-workout diet and ensure muscle growth and active muscle repair with little more than a convenient protein shake.


Taking whey protein powder supplements before your workout will allow your body to begin protein synthesis during your workout rather than after you’re done for the day. Thanks to the quick absorption rates of whey protein, this supplement is widely favoured in the fitness industry at large. This speedy absorption process allows the proteins to do their job during your workout, ensuring increased muscle growth and the best bulk for your buck.


5)After Working Out:


Many fitness fanatics and bodybuilders choose to split their protein intake between pre-workout meals and after-workout meals. Much like your body needs protein to prepare for a workout, after working out, your body will need to replenish its glycogen stores. In order to prevent protein synthesis from taking hold after a long session at the gym, you can take protein supplements after your workout for a fast-acting fuel-up to preserve your newfound muscle mass.


Maintaining maximum muscle growth means packing on the protein powder immediately after a session at the gym. After vigorous exercise, your muscles will be working hard to overload the stress of this activity. Protein synthesis can be stimulated in even the shortest bout of exercise and can remain elevated unless you’re taking the right supplements to make up for it.


Satisfy Your Fitness Needs With Prime Growth:


Prime Growth is a reliable supplier of a variety of health products. If you’re looking for whey protein and other fitness supplements, Prime Growth promises a broad array of options. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or a veteran in the fitness industry, you’re bound to find the product you’re looking for. Geared towards giving you the best supplements for a healthy lifestyle, Prime Growth is here to help you “Be THE BEST YOU”



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