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Best Whey Protein South Africa Has To Offer


If you have ever wondered what the best whey protein South Africa has to offer could be, you’re not alone. It’s safe to say that just about every person who has embarked on a fitness journey of any kind has pondered this thought. There are so many different brands and even types of whey protein on the market, that picking the right product can be overwhelming for newbies and even experienced fitness fanatics.


Whey protein is one of the most popular sports supplements on the market today. It’s incredibly versatile and has numerous applications depending on what your goals might be. Whether it’s bulking, cutting, recovering, or merely supplementing, there is a whey protein for you. But what is the actual best whey protein South Africa has to offer? Well, that is a loaded question that has a multi-layered answer. But, as always, we’ll try our best to answer it anyway.


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What Is Whey Protein?


Before we can look at the best whey protein South Africa might have, we first need to take a look at what whey protein is exactly. Whey protein is one of two types of proteins that is found in cow’s milk – the other being casein, and is a by-product in the making of cheese when the two proteins get separated. Initially, it’s a liquid and contains all nine essential amino acids as well as a range of vitamins and minerals.


The whey liquid gets filtered and then dried to make whey protein powder. This makes it more versatile as a nutritional supplement as it’s more convenient to add to things like breakfasts, shakes, smoothies, or homemade protein bars. Because it’s dairy-based, whey protein is not vegan-friendly and not suitable for a vegan diet, though there are alternative protein supplements available on the market to fill this gap.


The Benefits Of Whey Protein


Whey protein is filled with a range of nutrients which can be incredibly beneficial if consumed correctly. Whey protein is most commonly used for muscle mass and muscle gain, weight management, and even controlling blood sugar levels. Let’s take a look at each a little more closely.


Muscle Gain


It’s no secret that whey protein is the king of gains. Building muscle and increasing strength are perhaps the best-known uses for whey protein. It’s widely used among a variety of different athletes across countless disciplines, including sportspeople, bodybuilders, fitness models and even the average Joe looking for gains at the gym.


Research has shown that whey protein is a fantastic muscle-builder due to something called ‘muscle protein synthesis’ which is a metabolic process that describes the incorporation of amino acids into muscle proteins during workouts. Protein consumption stimulates protein synthesis before, during, and especially after exercise.


Weight Loss And Management


When used correctly, whey protein can be an extremely effective tool for managing and even losing weight. Not only does protein powder keep you full and satisfied for longer, but it also aids in replenishing the amino acids that our bodies need. When the body lacks these acids, weight loss becomes more challenging.


Controlling Blood Sugar Levels


While more studies are required, there has been significant evidence that supports whey protein being beneficial in aiding the control of blood sugar, specifically Type 2 diabetes. This chronic disease is characterised by high blood sugar and defective functioning of insulin which, in turn, is responsible for stimulating the uptake of blood sugar cells and keeping it within a healthy limit. These studies have shown that whey protein can increase the levels of insulin as well as mitigate its effects, more so than other proteins like egg or fish.


The Best Whey Protein South Africa Has On Offer


When it comes to the best whey protein South Africa has at its disposal, we’re quite spoiled for choice. Here, at Prime Growth Nutrition, we have a range of different whey proteins designed for different uses that are as high in quality as they come. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best we have in our catalogue.


USN Hydrotech Whey


USN has been a South African favourite for years and was arguably the first supplement brand with commercial success in the country. The brand is still around and still producing quality products, proving that their popularity is no fluke. USN Hydrotech Whey is a prime example of one of the best whey protein South Africa has to offer. It’s a supreme, stage-release, complex whey protein that is ideal for lean mass and power gains, but also pivots with improved recovery just to balance things out. If you have a sweet tooth, this whey protein is available in either chocolate or vanilla cookie dough, as well as Tex®.


Nutritech Premium Whey


Backed by scientific formulas and elite-level athlete testing, Nutritech has established itself as a big player in the South African supplement market for over a decade. Nutritech Premium Whey is considered a best-in-class product by the brand itself and aids in a range of uses that include weight loss, lean muscle building, body toning, repair and reduction of muscle tissue damage, and increased athletic performance, making it a great all-rounder that will suit numerous training plans regardless of what your goals are.


SSA Supplements Premium Whey Protein


Yet another premium whey protein, SSA Supplements have come into their own over the last few years. The SSA Supplements Premium Whey Protein is one of two whey offerings we currently stock at Prime Growth Nutrition (the other being Whey Extreme) and has seen itself go through a rebrand from the previously named “Pure Whey Protein”. Premium Whey Protein from SSA Supplements stands out thanks to the advanced microfiltration process that their whey goes through. It’s low in carbohydrates and low in fat, making it ideal for anyone looking to increase protein intake combined with post-workout recovery.


Evolve Nutrition Tri Whey


In a true testament to its name, Evolve Nutrition has quickly been evolving into a favoured supplement amongst gym-goers across the country. The Tri Whey from the brand has been at the forefront and instrumental in their rise in popularity. It’s a great display of the versatility of whey protein and the premium, multi-sourced offering is perfect for a broad range of consumers. Its fast-digesting attributes make it great for building muscle and the taste and quality make it highly recommended.


NPL Platinum Whey


Quality reigns supreme with the NPL Platinum Whey and with ingredients sourced from the US, it truly is right up there with the best whey protein South Africa can offer. Made using the purest and cleanest whey protein, this bioavailable protein blend offers a multi-stage release that results in a continuous amino acid presence in the bloodstream, which takes muscle growth and recovery to a whole new level. If you’re looking for something with an edge, this whey protein is for you!


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Sci-Core Loaded Whey


Sci-Core’s Loaded Whey is for those who want to get serious about muscle building. Described as an anabolic, creatine-loaded, all-in-one blend, it is packed with everything you need to get those gains quickly! Containing 6g of anabolic muscle support ingredients as well as 3g of creatine monohydrate power to provide muscle recovery and growth at the same time, this one is best left for the more experienced trainers looking to step their gains up a notch.


NPL Whey Slim


Whey protein’s versatility is on full display with NPL’s Whey Slim offering. A low carbohydrate and high protein mix makes it the go-to for when you want to build muscle but manage weight at the same time. If your weight loss efforts have been stagnating, we highly recommend giving this one a try. Available in one of three tasteful flavours, building muscle and losing weight has never tasted so good!


USN Bluelab 100% Whey


The second USN offering on our list, the USN Bluelab 100% Whey Unflavoured is an amalgamation of the finest quality whey protein isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate that has been designed for maximum versatility in muscle development, support, as well as recovery. Bluelab works like a charm in aiding with the recovery of the very muscles you have just finished building. Available in a multitude of mouth-watering flavours as well as an unflavoured version, there really is something for everyone, whether you’re craving something sweet or prefer to keep it natural.


How To Use Whey Protein


While the best whey protein South Africa has can be extremely beneficial for a variety of uses, it’s by no means a magic wand to achieve fitness goals. Success in the fitness world takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Whey protein, and supplements in general, are just one part of the equation.


It’s important to remember that how you use it is as important, if not more so, than using it in the first place. Ensuring that the correct amount of whey protein is taken at the correct times will ultimately determine how quickly you will achieve your goals.


Determine Your Protein Needs


The single most important thing you can do when you start your fitness journey is to determine how much protein you need to achieve your goals.


Choose The Right Type


As mentioned earlier, different whey proteins are designed for different things. It’s therefore imperative to ensure that you choose the right product for what you want to achieve. Need some help with that? Prime Growth Nutrition is always eager to assist. If you’re unsure of what whey protein you need, feel free to get in touch and let us help you out.


Timing Matters


There are some good times and some not-so-good times to be taking your whey protein, and it plays a massive role in the probability of your success. For the best results, the best times to consume whey protein are pre-workout, post-workout, and during workouts. And while protein curbs hunger, we would suggest using meal replacement products for snacks between meals.


Keep Hydrated


Drinking plenty of water is crucial for the human body in general, but when you increase your protein intake, it becomes even more important. Make sure that you amplify drinking water even more when you start taking in more protein to ensure proper absorption and digestion.


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Prime Growth Nutrition For The Best Whey Protein: South Africa


As you can see, Prime Growth Nutrition has a wide variety of the best whey protein South Africa offers all in one convenient location! If protein is what you are looking for, we certainly have you covered. Feel free to check out our full protein range as well as the many other supplements available at our store. And as always, if you need any assistance in choosing the right products for you, please do get in touch!



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