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How Evolve Nutrition Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


Evolve Nutrition is one of our favourites in terms of brands we highly recommend to our customers – they manufacture and develop a variety of excellent supplements and nutrition products. Whether you are seeking muscle gain in the gym or looking to keep your body in optimal health, Evolve Nutrition has you covered. You’ll be able to find a variety of Evolve Nutrition products available at Prime Growth Nutrition – your go-to online supplement store.


In this quick guide, we will go over some helpful fitness tips and tricks to take your gym routine to the next level. We’ll also cover a few great Evolve Nutrition products available on our online supplement store that should have you smashing your fitness goals and feeling amazing whilst doing it.




Why Whey Protein Is Considered A Gym Essential


It would be difficult to talk about Evolve Nutrition without mentioning one of their most popular products; the Evolve Tri-Whey formula is a tried and tested multi-source whey protein that truly packs a punch. Maximum digestion is emphasised heavily in the make-up of this product, as the idea encompasses optimal absorption with minimal digestive distress.


This product should help you achieve great muscle-growth results whilst also ensuring optimal post-workout recovery. Let’s have a look at four ways that whey protein can assist you in your gym journey:


Greatly Improves Muscle Protein Synthesis: Also known as MPS, this is the process by which the body creates new muscle mass and tissue. Whey contains many useful amino acids with one of the most important being leucine, which stimulates MPS effectively. Essentially, using whey protein before or after a gym session can cause the body to build new muscle tissue much more efficiently, supporting muscle repair and growth. This is one of the reasons why whey is hailed as an all-rounder type of supplement – it acts as a pre and post-workout supplement simultaneously.




Supports Recovery: We touched on this briefly in the last point – working out can cause muscle damage and reduce glycogen in the body, which can lead to muscle fatigue and soreness. Whey protein has been proven to reduce muscle damage and replenish glycogen stores, this supports post-workout recovery and helps to reduce intense stiffness and pain. On top of this, many of the amino acids present in whey protein are necessary for tissue repair, further enhancing recovery capabilities. Evolve Nutrition is known for their excellent combination of ingredients and their Tri-Whey formula is proof of this.


Increases Muscle Mass: Usually, this is the foremost reason people purchase whey protein products. Whey is a high-quality protein source that facilitates major muscle growth. Regular and consistent consumption of whey protein has been shown to increase overall muscle mass and lean body mass. This effect is amplified further when paired with effective resistance training.


Promotes Fat loss and Suppresses Appetite: Whey protein has been proven to decrease cravings and suppress appetite, which leads to decreased caloric intake and the promotion of fat loss. Using whey during periods when you are in a calorie deficit will help to preserve existing muscle mass, as your body will have access to the amino acids required for muscle maintenance and repair. This combination is an absolute win if you are looking to achieve a lean, toned physique.




Resistance Training And Why It Works


We spoke briefly about the effectiveness of resistance training when paired with whey protein from Evolve Nutrition – let’s delve a bit more into this and have a look at some tips and tricks to get the most out of this training method.


Resistance workouts are incredibly effective when it comes to building up strength, increasing muscle mass, and smashing your fitness goals. In order to ensure effective resistance training, it is crucial to practice progressive overload, which involves a gradual increase in the weight used in each exercise. This will prevent plateaus in performance and ensure that muscles are constantly challenged and subsequently growing.


As always, practising good form and technique is critical for avoiding injury and maximising effectiveness. Focus more on using the correct muscles for each exercise and a weight that you can handle whilst assuming proper form. This style of workout is a surefire way to make huge gains at the gym and prevent workout boredom in the process. Evolve Nutrition has a multitude of products that pair excellently with this form of training.




Looking For An Amazing Pre-Workout?


Evolve Nutrition is no one-trick pony and their Neuro-Drive Compound-6 pre-workout formula is proof of this. It is described as being a biohacking, multi-stimulant-based product that should have you feeling on top of the world before beginning any gym session. This is a truly great combination of mental clarity and focus, paired with vast amounts of energy to make exercising the easiest it’s ever felt.


Evolve Nutrition is renowned for their theories on compounding and the ingredients used are second to none. We highly recommend that you see for yourself and have a look at our Prime Growth Nutrition online store. Let’s cover three ways that pre-workouts can be hugely beneficial when working out:




Greatly Improved Endurance and Energy: This is the main goal with pre-workout style supplements – caffeine is present in most pre-workout formulas and is an effective stimulant that has been shown to improve physical performance and energy levels. It will reduce feelings of fatigue, allowing you to push harder whilst at the gym. Some pre-workouts contain other ingredients like taurine and guarana, which also enhance energy and endurance levels in the body.


Enhanced Mental Focus: This is a characterising aspect of the Neuro-Drive Compound-6 from Evolve Nutrition. There are amino acids present in pre-workouts including beta-alanine, which improve mental sharpness and cognitive function often described as feeling like a state of relaxed alertness – which helps you to fully immerse yourself in whichever exercise you are doing. The mental aspects of working out are just as important as its physical counterparts.


Improved Muscle Strength and Endurance: Ingredients like L – arginine can greatly increase blood flow to the muscles, which leads to improved endurance and muscle strength during workouts. Pre-workouts will also widen the blood vessels, enhance the flow of oxygen throughout the body, and deliver more nutrients to the muscles.


If you are yet to experience the feeling of using a great pre-workout like those offered by Evolve Nutrition, head on over to the Prime Growth Nutrition online store and score some supplements for yourself. The boost in energy and focus is a game-changer and we believe it’s something every gym-lover should try at some point.




Effective Exercise In A Calorie Deficit


This concept is an excellent tool for weight loss and improved general health. Essentially, a calorie deficit means that you are eating fewer calories than your body needs, which causes your body to burn fat to create more energy. If you add exercise to this mix, you boost the rate at which calories are burned and encourage weight loss. Supplementation is a great benefit when using this idea, as whey provides the protein your body needs to build muscle, without many added calories.


Creatine can help build and repair muscle tissue that has been broken down during gym sessions. This is crucial because the more muscle weight you carry, the more calories you will burn throughout the day – even when you are at rest. Pre-workouts help tremendously in boosting your energy level, increasing focus and motivation, and generally allowing you to push harder during workouts.




However, it is important to note that supplement use should not be relied on as the sole method for weight loss. They should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. As hugely beneficial as our supplements can be, they need to be taken alongside the right fuel for your body and frequent exercise.


Why Creatine Will Help You Smash Fitness Goals


As always, Evolve Nutrition has created an excellent formula known as Evolve Creagen Elite. This creatine performance-enhancing supplement delivers a multi-stage combination of carbohydrates which triggers an intense insulin spike in your body, during and after a workout. This enables other processes in your body to kick-start and greatly enhances endurance levels and recovery post-workout.


Evolve Nutrition has also added Peak 02 Mushroom Blend into the mix, which extends the time it takes for your body to become exhausted, leading to greater oxygen utilisation and general performance. Let’s look at three ways creatine supplementation can be beneficial when working out:




Improves Muscle Endurance Significantly: Using creatine helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue during intense gym sessions – it does this by adding to the muscles’ ability to create energy through the phosphocreatine energy system. This means you can push harder and for longer durations during your workouts, achieving much greater results in the process.


Increase in Muscle Strength and Power: Creatine supplements enhance the creation of ATP, which is the main source of energy for the contraction of muscles, this results in boosted performance during high-intensity exercise. As a result of this, you are able to lift heavier weights and execute more successful reps with those weights. The enhanced performance you get from creatine is one of the main draw-cards and a large reason why so many gym enthusiasts swear by it.


Enhances Muscle Growth: Using creatine supplements, like those created by Evolve Nutrition, increases the water content in muscles – creating an anabolic-type environment that promotes the growth of muscle tissues. As mentioned earlier, creatine has been shown to stimulate the release of important muscle-building hormones such as insulin.


It can never hurt to have a bit of assistance on your fitness journey, and creatine is an especially helpful supplement to utilise. We, at Prime Growth Nutrition, truly believe in the massive benefits of using creatine.


What Exercise Pairs Well With Creatine Supplementation?


Creatine is best utilised when paired with high-intensity, short-duration workouts like weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding – where the main goal is to enhance muscle size and strength. These forms of exercise normally entail lifting heavy weights with more reps. Creatine supplementation will assist in providing the required energy for these types of workouts at optimal intensity, allowing for improved performance and rapid muscle growth.


Of course, creatine is useful for other exercise types – endurance training for example, but is best utilised in the ones we mentioned above. This is largely because endurance exercises rely on the aerobic energy system, which is not as heavily impacted by the use of creatine, as the anaerobic system is.


More About Prime Growth


We have an excellent catalogue of protein powders, recovery-based formulas, general health-related products, performance boosters, and weight management products available in our online supplement store. We are passionate about helping people better themselves and achieve whatever fitness goals they may have set for themselves. With years of experience at our disposal and plenty of love for what we do, we have cemented ourselves as the premium provider in our field. We hope to help you on your fitness journey too!



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