Gym Supplements: A Comprehensive Guide To Creatine


Creatine is a widely popular gym supplement that can aid in muscle growth and vastly improve your workout routine. Take a look through this comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know about adding creatine to your list of necessary gym supplements, including how and when to use it. Creatine powder comes with a variety of benefits to your body and adding these useful gym supplements to your daily routine will help you smash your workout goals in no time.


When you’re looking for the right gym supplements to improve your performance, then look no further than Prime Growth Nutrition. We’re here to help you BE THE BEST YOU™, and we offer a broad range of gym supplements and other health-orientated products at affordable prices. From whey protein powder to sleep support supplements, Prime Growth has everything you need to give your body the nourishment it deserves. Take a look through this quick guide to creatine powder to learn how our creatine products can assist you.




Gym Supplements: Prime Growth Guide To Creatine Powder


Prime Growth offers a diverse collection of creatine products to assist you with your gym workout routine and fitness goals. Read through this all-encompassing guide to learn everything you need to know about this popular gym supplement. We will cover both the benefits of using creatine as well as what Prime Growth creatine products would be best suited to your specific requirements.


Gym Supplements: What Is Creatine?


Creatine supplements are used by both fitness freaks and the occasional gym-goer alike. If you’re looking to build muscle and boost your productivity, then adding creatine gym supplements to your diet is a must. Creatine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the human body.


This is mainly stored in muscle tissue and is used as an energy resource. The more creatine stored in your muscles, the better your body can perform physically. This leads to increased muscle mass and overall fitness.


Creatine supplements are one of the most researched and world-renowned gym supplements in the fitness industry. Vastly beneficial and safe for long-term use, creatine supplements coupled with light exercise assist with muscle growth and enhance strength training.


Most creatine gym supplements come in the form of a powder that can be mixed in with protein shakes or simply with milk or water. This makes for a quick, easy, on-the-go supplement to take before hitting the gym.




The Benefits Of Using Creatine Gym Supplements:


Now that you have a better understanding of what creatine is, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of incorporating these gym supplements into your workout routine. Read through this quick list of reasons why creatine is a great addition to your fitness diet, as well as how it can help you improve your routine.


1. Assists With Muscle Growth:


Regardless of whether you’re an athlete training every day, or you hit the gym once every few weeks, creatine is useful for stimulating increased muscle growth. If you’re trying to get those gains, then you’ll want to consider adding these gym supplements to your diet. By packing your body with the right dose of creatine, your body will have the energy and resources it needs to stimulate some serious muscle growth during your workouts.


2. Sustainable Booster:


Creatine is both widely available and incredibly affordable. When you buy creatine gym supplements through Prime Growth, you’ll be getting the best for your buck and cultivating a sustainable fitness diet that you’ll be able to stick to for the long term. Being both inexpensive and incredibly useful is why creatine is such a popular gym supplement in the fitness industry.


3. Improve Performance:


Creatine is also beneficial for improving performance during your workouts. Depending on the level of activity you’re comfortable with, creatine supplements will work in a few different ways. With high-intensity exercise, creatine is often used to produce larger amounts of ATP, which in turn serves as a vital energy source for managing heavy lifting and other high-intensity exercises. It also allows you to push your body further, and for longer periods of time during gym sessions, allowing more opportunity for muscle growth and improvement.


4. Aids Muscle repair:


This gym supplement not only helps to grow muscles but can also assist with improved muscle repair. Creatine stimulates better cell signalling, which in turn promotes muscle repair as well as new muscle growth. Decent muscle repair is incredibly important as your body is prone to wear and tear during strenuous exercise.


With creatine supplements, you can ensure that your muscles repair in record time to keep you operating at full capacity and to avoid muscle injuries during your next workout.




When To Take Creatine:


The positive attributes of creatine supplements can not be overstated, but to truly benefit from using these gym supplements, you will need to understand exactly how to incorporate them into your fitness routine. Read through this quick guide to learn how to take creatine supplements for maximum benefit.


1. Loading Period:


The loading period refers to the period of time between 5-7 days from when you start taking creatine supplements. During this phase, it’s recommended to have a larger intake of creatine gym supplements as this will lead to massive increases in creatine being stored in your muscles.


The recommended dose for this loading period is around 20 grams per day, split into smaller servings and ingested throughout the day. A healthy diet of carb or protein-based meals will also help your body absorb this excess creatine.


2. Level Period:


After the initial 5-7 days of larger creatine doses, you can reduce your creatine supplement intake to 3-5 grams per day. This will help maintain high levels of creatine within your muscles and also save on costs as you won’t be motoring through your store of gym supplements as quickly. From here, you can stick to this level of dosage, adjusting slightly depending on your level of activity and what you expect to gain from the supplement in the long term.


3. Alternatives:


If you’d prefer, you can skip the loading phase altogether, however, this means it will take more time to increase the store of creatine in your muscles. Since creatine is known to pull water into your muscles, it’s also highly recommended to follow a dose of creatine supplements with a glass of water to balance this out.




Buy The Best Gym Supplements From Prime Growth:


Now that you understand the benefits of creatine, it’s on to the question of where to get some of your own. Prime Growth offers a variety of creatine supplement options for you to choose from. It’s important that you pick the right creatine supplement to fit your specific needs. Browse through our impressive collection or take a look at the list below to learn some of the best options for you and your workout routine.


Nutritech Creatine Monohydrate:


This option is formulated using micronized pure creatine monohydrate. Any athlete looking to increase strength and sporting performance will benefit from this useful supplement option. The Nutritech Creatine Monohydrate supplement is also useful for stimulating muscle mass as well as boosting recovery.


This creatine option is perfect for both a pre and post-workout regime and will prove to be a useful addition to any strenuous workout routine. The best way to work with this product is by mixing one flat scoop with water in your very own Nutritech shaker. Start off with 2-3 servings per day. After 8 weeks of this, take one week off before beginning the cycle again.


SSA Supplements Creatine Supreme:


This popular option gives you the best creatine boost for muscle growth and general fitness. All it takes is one heaped scoop with a bit of water twice a day and you’re bound to see improvement in your fitness regime. With this option, you can expect a massive increase in energy levels to help you push your body harder, for longer. This powerful supplement will also speed up muscle recovery and boost your body’s protein synthesis efficiency.


NPL Creatine Fuel:


The NPL Creatine Fuel product is here to help you build lean strong muscles for an impressive muscular physique. As one of the most advanced creatine formulas on the market today, this product will increase performance and put you one step closer to your fitness goals.


Whether you’re aiming for a toned, muscular build, or simply trying to gain more energy during your workout, this option might just be the one for you. The NPL Creatine Fuel is best consumed in two heaped scoops mixed with some water. You can take this mixture once after a workout, or first thing in the morning during days when you’re not training.


TNT Mercury B-167 Creatine HCL:


If a liquid concoction isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, why not try some creatine supplement tablets instead? This product comes packed full of 120 creatine supplement tablets to aid in the supply of energy to cells throughout your body. Creatine HCL is formed by attaching hydrochloride to the creatine molecule.


While Creatine Monohydrate is the most commonly used form of creatine, Creatine HCL has an ever-growing following of athletes and trainers who swear by the benefits of Creatine HCL. The main difference between the two comes down to the improved water solubility. By bonding creatine with hydrochloric acid, water solubility and muscle mass absorption is significantly increased.


This means a lower dose of creatine will allow for better muscle cell creatine concentration. During days when you’re definitely going to be working out, it’s recommended to take 4 tablets at least ten minutes before or after your workout. On days when you’re resting, simply ingest four tablets throughout the day.


Creatine Supplements And A Healthy Diet:


At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the best creatine supplement that works for your body. You can also boost your creatine supply through a healthy diet that incorporates both seafood and red meat. It’s important to keep in mind that your body is only capable of as much as you nourish it to be. Taking the right supplements will be beneficial to your health, but you’ll also have to make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly to see the best results.


Talk to some professionals in the industry and formulate a meal plan and workout routine that is geared towards your personal goals. Prime Growth also offers a collection of healthy and fitness products to assist in other areas of life, such as sleep improvement and other vital supplements.


About Prime Growth:


Prime Growth offers a wide variety of health and fitness products to help you reach your fitness goals. We are strongly passionate about all things fitness and strive to promote general well-being for everyone. We want to help you BE THE BEST YOU™ and we do that by providing affordable, inclusive health products. Make use of Prime Growths’ extraordinary products and start your fitness journey today!



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