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Gym Supplements: Brand Guide


In the twenty-first century, the growth of the gym supplements market has been exponential. Furthermore, according to market research on the subject, between the years of 2018 and 2028 (forecasted), there is no sign of slowing down. In 2023, the current market value of gym supplements sits at about 19.14 Billion US Dollars and is forecasted to keep growing to a market high of 24.17 Billion dollars, with an average annual yearly growth of about 4.78%.


Due to the massive size of the market, many new competitors have entered in order to take advantage of the massive profit potential. Although the growth of this market, both in financial value and competitors, is actually a positive for most consumers, at the same time, there can be some drawbacks. The most notable negative side effect of this growth is that, for many new consumers, knowing what businesses and brands to trust can be difficult.


This is where Prime Growth Nutrition steps in – as South Africa’s premier gym supplement provider, we understand that the amount of competition selling similar products can lead to questions about what you should be taking. Our mission has been to help educate and provide clear direction in this regard. At Prime Growth Nutrition we stock only the most well known, most trusted and vigorously tested gym supplements on the market. This way, when you buy supplements from us, you know you are getting the very best the market has to offer.


In order to emphasise this point, this article will review some of the most popular brands and gym supplements we currently stock at Prime Growth Nutrition. In each section we will begin by providing a brief overview of the company behind the brand, after which we will highlight some of our favourite products each provider offers. In this way you will not only get a good idea of the leading products on the market, but also get a better sense of the product range we stock.




USN (Ultimate Sports Nutrition)


When considering gym supplements, especially in a South African setting, USN supplements often come to mind. The company opened its doors twenty-three years ago and was one of the first gym supplement brands to be introduced in South Africa. Afterwards, they quickly became the pre-eminent South African sports nutrition brand. The best way to understand their dominance in the market is observed by the fact that USN is the first multinational supplements company in all of Africa. Currently they provide products to over seventy countries worldwide.


The success of USN is derived from their trusted brand name. All USN gym supplements undergo rigorous quality testing and are made from only the highest quality raw materials. However, most competitors today pride themselves on the use of high-quality ingredients in the manufacturing of their products – what sets USN apart is their creative and extensive product range. In the section below let us look at some of our favourite USN gym supplements stocked at our online Prime Growth Nutrition website.


USN Gym Supplements Highlights


USN QHush Hyperdrive Super-Heat: One of the best performance enhancing pre-workout supplements on the market today, this product was designed specifically for athletes and gym enthusiasts looking for the best possible pre-workout mix at an affordable price. QHush Hyperdrive contains a good amount of L-Citrulline Malate, GlycerSize and caffeine to help boost your energy levels.


USN Hydrotech Whey: Whey protein is one of the most popular gym supplements in use today. With Hydrotech Whey, USN has developed a whey product that does not only promote lean muscle growth but is also excellent at helping you recover after a hard workout. This is all due to its USN proprietary protein matrix mix.


USN Bluelab 100% Whey Unflavoured: This USN whey supplement is one of the highest quality whey proteins on the market today, with a combination of protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate packed into every scoop. You can expect this product to provide you with about twenty-three grams of premium protein with every serving.


USN Cramp Block: Recovery is part of the exercise process, and bad cramps can prevent you from sticking to your fitness regime – which is why this product is specially designed to help provide your muscles with relief. This product contains thirty capsules and includes ingredients like magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and Vitamin B6, which have been proven to be highly effective against cramps.




SSA Supplements


SSA Supplements have helped to create the basis for sports nutrition in South Africa and was first established all the way back in 1999. SSA Supplements is driven by its goal to provide South Africans with the most innovative fitness and gym supplements utilising the most cutting-edge formulations and ingredients.


SSA Supplements, over the years, has built up its relationships with suppliers all around the world, meaning that they consistently have access to the highest quality raw ingredients. Their goal, like so many of the competitors in this article, is to help as many South Africans as possible reach their fitness goal, and their wide range of products suit everyone from beginners to professional athletes. Let’s review some of our favourite SSA gym supplements that we stock at Prime Growth Nutrition.


SSA Gym Supplements Highlights


SSA Pure Dextrose: Dextrose is a simple sugar, meaning that it is easier for the body to break down and to absorb. With the current trend of intra-workout supplements growing in popularity, finding gym supplements that can quickly be absorbed during the middle of your workout is important. This Dextrose supplement is specifically designed for that purpose and will provide you with a boost of energy, allowing you to surpass your limits like never before.


SSA ZMB-6 Pro: The term ZMB-6 may sound like a dangerous chemical, but in fact this is just SSA Supplement’s proprietary blend of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Not only can this combination of vitamins and minerals provide you with a boost in testosterone, it is also helpful in strength enhancement, faster recovery times and better-quality sleep to name a few of its many benefits.


SSA Hellfire Neuro: With the scientific advancement in the field of sports nutrition it was found that gym supplements that can increase cognitive function can actually benefit and help improve one’s workouts. This category of gym supplements is known as nootropics, and SSA Hellfire Neuro is one of the best on the market in this regard. Hellfire Neuro will not only raise your cognitive function but, thanks to the hydro-pump support, you are sure to stay hydrated as well – giving you the energy and focus you need to succeed.


SSA Diet Whey Protein: Whey supplements are not just for building muscle. With SSA’s Diet Whey Protein, you can find all the energy needed for your workout without worrying about the extra bulk. Designed to be used as a meal replacement, this product contains anti-bloating digestive enzymes to ensure that you are losing weight while still receiving the energising benefits of protein.






Nutritech is definitely a newer gym supplements manufacturer compared to those already discussed, as they were only established in 2011. A brainchild of its three founders; Jaco Serfontein and brothers Chris and Mike Walton, Nutritech is nonetheless a popular, trustworthy brand in the South African market. The goal of these three founders, driven by a passion for professional athleticism, was to provide athletes with a range of supplements that would boost their game and take their fitness regimes to the next level.


Nutritech is focused on their manufacturing process and, over their twelve years in operation, have held onto their factory and warehouses – instead of outsourcing to third-party manufacturers even though this is often a cheaper alternative. This is because Nutritech believes that handling and overseeing its own manufacturing processes is the best way to produce excellent quality products time and time again. This is just one of the many reasons Nutritech has quickly become one of the most popular and trusted brands on the market today.


Nutritech Gym Supplements Highlights:


Nutritech Hulk Anabolic Pak: This cost effective 300 capsule pack contains three products in one. These include natrabol beta-ecdysterone which helps to increase protein synthesis and better retain nitrogen, ashwagandha which is an all-natural antioxidant that can alleviate stress and anxiety, and finally, Testo XL, a natural testosterone booster. This bulk supply will last you the entire month.


Nutritech Testo XL: This gym supplement forms part of the Hulk Anabolic Pak above, but it can also be bought and consumed separately. The Testo XL gym supplements, containing a similar ZMB-6 formulation, will give you a boost to testosterone levels. In return this will aid recovery and boost your overall fitness performance.


Nutritech All-Day BCAA 5000: Branch-chain amino acids are a great way to get all the positives of proteins in a more easily absorbable form. Branch-chain amino acids are critical amino acids, providing you with the energy you need to perform at your best. These gym supplements are designed as a post-workout recovery product, and with each helping you are receiving 5000mg of the highest quality amino acids on the market today.




NPL (Nutritional Performance Labs)


At Prime Growth Nutrition, NPL products are one of our favourite gym supplements. Although the company was established later than any of the others discussed here, what they have been able to accomplish during their short tenure has been incredible. NPL, established in 2015, is dedicated to providing high quality, performance enhancing gym supplements to those who need it most.


At NPL, the goal is to consistently develop the field of sports-nutrition through providing scientifically advanced and nutritious supplements. Let us look at some of our favourite NPL supplements stocked on the Prime Growth Nutrition Website:


NPL Gym Supplements Highlights


NPL Micellar Casein: Micellar casein is actually one of the most scientifically advanced forms of protein, which is made up of five different types of protein. These include alpha, beta, gamma, delta and kappa casein proteins. But NPL takes its micellar casein gym supplements to the next level, as it includes the L-glutamine amino acid and a unique blend of digestive enzymes for easy absorption.


NPL Nighttime Burn: These night-time burn supplements will not only provide you with better sleep, but the all-natural, metabolism boosting ingredients will help you reach your ideal weight in no time at all.


Prime Growth Nutrition: The Best Place To Get Your Gym Supplements


In this article, we have reviewed some of the best and most beloved sports nutrition-based companies on the South African market today. We are proud to be able to include all these manufacturers in our extensive range of gym supplements at our Prime Growth Nutrition store. When it comes to gym supplements, we have you covered no matter what you are looking for, while providing you with a peace of mind that you are receiving only premium quality products.


So, if you are in the market for gym supplements to help raise your game, don’t hesitate to visit us at Prime Growth Nutrition today and let us help you enhance your workout!




22 - 30 November 2023

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