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NPL supplements are one of our favourite brands to stock at Prime Growth Nutrition. Not only are NPL products guaranteed to be premium quality, they are also a great South African brand that has become an industry leader in the health and fitness market. In this day and age, a supplement brand can only thrive when it is dynamic enough to meet the needs of an ever growing client base, with a range of unique demands.


Nutritional Performance Lab supplements (or NPL supplements for short) is a well established brand that has led the way in designing a wide range of products that are not only perfect for multiple health and dietary requirements, but are also highly beneficial when it comes to fitness and performance enhancements. This is a brand committed to helping their clients reach their fitness and health goals.


In this quick read, we will examine the multi-faceted nature of NPL supplements by investigating several different fields in which NPL supplements are beneficial. From their variety of fitness boosting products, to supplements designed specifically for dieting and general health, NPL supplements has it all.





NPL Supplements And Exercising


When it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, every health professional out there will tell you that exercising is your best bet, especially when combined with the right NPL supplements. But when it comes to exercise, your fitness goals are as unique as you are. Some people want to become leaner in order to perform better in a wide range of cardio intensive sports, while others are looking to build muscle and bulk up.


Whether you prefer to lift heavy weights in the gym or participate in endurance events, exercising is incredibly important for living a healthier lifestyle. The benefits of exercise have been studied time and time again, and there is a lot of scientific evidence available online today. Although you would need multiple articles to cover this subject in greater detail, here are just some of the most well-known advantages of exercising regularly:


Mental Health: This is one of the most immediate benefits garnered through physical activity. It has been shown how, just after an exercise session, children around the age of thirteen show increased mental acuity. In adults it has been shown to help reduce anxiety. In the long run, regular exercise can help maintain a sharp mind.


Weight Management: Exercise has also proven to almost always be more effective than any dieting scheme. Through exercise you are able to burn calories and fat which has a direct impact on your weight.


Prevent Health Risks: Finally, there is a lot of scientific evidence linked to living a longer and healthier life thanks to increased physical activity. Exercise not only benefits weight loss, but also helps keep the heart and other essential organs like the lungs healthy in the long run.


NPL And Exercise


As we can see, there are so many positive advantages to continuous exercise, no matter what your fitness goals are. However, exercising can only take you so far. But with the correct NPL supplement to aid you, you can break through your limitations, achieve a better workout and improve your level of fitness overall. Let us look at some of the best NPL supplements to help you in this regard:


NPL Platinum Whey + Protein: Whey protein is one of the most crucial supplements with regards to aiding workouts, from promoting muscle growth, to aiding in muscle recovery, lowering blood pressure and helping reduce inflammation. NPL supplements whey protein is one of the best products for protein intake, as this product has been specially designed to contain over seven different sources of protein.


NPL Creatine Fuel: Like protein, creatine is another supplement that has been shown to be very beneficial with regards to promoting a more intensive workout, and helping you achieve your fitness goals in a more effective manner. The NPL supplements version of creatine provides you with enhanced strength and endurance, increased muscle build and better recovery. But what sets this NPL supplement apart from its competition is the fact that it is stimulant free and contains no caffeine.


NPL Amino Energy X Factor: Did you know that protein is made up of amino acids? NPL supplements have designed a product with carefully selected amino acids that not only include the three essential branched chain amino acids, but also nine other critical amino acids. This supplement will help you perform better, recover faster and provides you with an effective means of hydration. This NPL supplements product will provide you with all the benefits of protein powder, but in a more effective and easily digestible way.




NPL Supplements For Dieting


If exercise is essential to helping you reach your fitness goals, then dieting is critical for you to reach your weight goals. Unlike with exercise where there are a multitude of goals you may be working towards – be it building muscle or improving your cardiovascular health – when it comes to dieting, the primary goal is to lose weight as quickly as possible, and with NPL supplements this is easier than ever before.


However, it is critical to note here that, because everybody has a unique body, there is no one universal diet that will work for everyone. Your body will react differently to certain diets better or worse than others. Many people are unaware of this fact and many times this leads to them being disheartened when they compare their progress with others. This is why it is essential for you to find a diet that works for you, which is best done by talking to a professional dietician about your health goals.


Some of the most effective universal dieting techniques include the following:


DIT (Diet Induced Thermogenesis): This is a relatively new dieting technique that has been developed through a better scientific understanding of calories and the energy we expend when we eat. We not only expend energy when we eat, but also for a few hours afterwards, in which our bodies digest the food and break it down. A diet that carefully balances the number of calories consumed and the type of nutrients absorbed with the number of calories burned through simply eating something is the basis of the DIT method.


Diuretics: A far simpler dieting method then DIT’s, but can be dangerous if not properly monitored and done correctly is diuretics. The principle of this diet is based on the fact that the body can store excess water which adds to your weight, also referred to as water weight. A diuretic will force your kidneys to urinate more and get rid of excess water, which will help you lose weight. However, you must make sure to replace the electrolytes you lose through this process.


Meal Replacement: This is one of the oldest and most trusted dieting methods. With meal replacements, the principle is simple. You want to address your need to eat with something that is low in calories, but that will still full you up. Many times the products will also look to satiate your appetite, in order to keep your hunger cravings down which directly reduces how much you need to eat every day.


NPL Supplements Suited To Help You Diet


The team at NPL understands that there are a variety of effective dieting plans out there today. They also understand that not every system will work for everyone. That is why they have a range of NPL supplements perfectly suited to help you with whichever diet best suits you. Let us look at a few of their dietary products here:


NPL Thermo Cuts: When it comes to a thermogenesis diet these NPL supplements are the right product for you. It is designed with the best possible ingredients to help you lose weight faster while helping regulate your blood sugar levels, and even help reduce your hunger cravings.


NPL Water Cuts: These NPL supplements are perfect for helping you with a diuretic diet. Not only is it fast acting, helping you get rid of that excess water weight quickly, but is also all natural to also help reduce water bloat in an effective and healthy way. NPL supplements has designed a diuretic that balances electrolytes, benefits muscle definition and gets rid of water weight all in one.


NPL Diet Pro: Here NPL supplements has designed one of the most effective meal replacement supplements on the market today. Presented as a weight loss shake making it easy to digest, this NPL product will help boost your energy and mood while making it easier to lose weight. It is high in protein, low in fat and is an all-in-one weight loss shake, meaning you will not need other products.


NPL Supplements Benefitting General Health


Although both exercise and dieting are essential for a long and healthy lifestyle, they can not cover all your health needs. Our bodies are complex and keeping them healthy and functional is no small feat. There are many other considerations that you should take into account when trying to improve your overall health, this includes but is not limited to, prevention against illness through a strong immune system, making sure that you are addressing any vitamin and mineral deficiencies and that your hormones are well regulated.


The aim at NPL is to help clients in all aspects of their health journey and this includes some of the considerations mentioned above. In this section let us look at some NPL supplements that can help improve your general and overall health.


NPL Green Tea: The multiple benefits of green tea as a natural supplement have been well known for many years, and even some older cultures have utilised this green tea to treat ailments through history. NPL supplements have designed a concentrated green tea product that will not only improve your cardiovascular health but also benefit your metabolism and help remove toxins with its antioxidant traits as well, making these NPL supplements perfect for overall health.


NPL Daily Greens: One of the core principles of healthy living is making sure to eat enough vegetables that are full of essential vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients. But in our busy lives it is sometimes difficult to get the recommended vegetables every day. Here, NPL supplement’s daily greens product can be helpful. With a combination of wheatgrass, baobab, kale and spinach extracts in every capsule, you can be sure to get your fill of greens conveniently, every day.


NPL Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has been shown to have multiple health properties. NPL supplements has developed an apple cider vinegar capsule that is easy to ingest, making it easier for you to receive these benefits in a quicker more efficient way. NPL supplements apple cider vinegar can help lower blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce belly fat and lower cholesterol, making them perfect for improving your overall health when taken daily.




Prime Growth Nutrition And NPL


In this article, we have sought to cover a selection of NPL products and their multiple health and fitness benefits. From exercise and dieting to general health, NPL supplements have you covered. We, at Prime Growth Nutrition, understand the value of these products and are proud to stock all of the supplements listed above, with many others for you to discover.


So don’t hesitate to start your health journey today. Head over to our Prime Growth Nutrition website and get your hands on some NPL supplements.




22 - 30 November 2023

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