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NPL Supplements: Supercharge Your Exercise Routine With Our Range Of Supplements


Welcome to the world of NPL supplements, where innovative supplement formulation facilitates remarkable performance improvements. At Prime Growth Nutrition, we have a range of top-quality NPL supplements specifically designed to meet your performance needs and aid you on your fitness journey.


We understand the importance of premium supplementation, which is why we are proud to showcase NPL’s products, which have been specifically crafted to elevate your performance and overall well-being. Follow along as we explore some of NPL’s supplements, all of which are driven by research and tailored to meet the needs of the novice gym-goer and professional ultra-athlete alike.




NPL Supplements: NPL Hybrid Pre 2 X5


Discover your absolute energetic potential with NPL Hybrid Pre 2 X5, the ultimate pre-workout formula that challenges the workout performance status quo. Chemically formulated for individuals who are seeking major boosts to energy levels – to be expended during intense workouts. This product from NPL supplements promises extreme muscle pumps, explosive energy, and razor-sharp focus, further enhancing the mind-muscle connection.


If you are a well-seasoned fitness professional, high-performing athlete, powerlifter, or cross-fit fanatic – NPL Hybrid Pre 2 X5 is your key to unlocking optimal performance. The scientifically backed formula includes Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, and Huperzine-A. Research suggests that Citrulline Malate is effective for improving muscle recovery, primarily through nutrient delivery. Moreover, Beta-Alanine is a core ingredient in many pre-workouts, which is mainly responsible for preventing acid build-up in your muscles, making it easier to work out for prolonged periods.


NPL N.O. Charge Neuro X


Challenge your limits and take your workouts to new heights with NPL’s N.O. Charge Neuro X. This NPL supplement is engineered to induce an explosive training experience that transcends conventional boundaries. What puts this supplement ahead of the pre-workout market is the inclusion of a potent blend of nitric oxide boosters, which directly primes muscle growth. By working this offering from NPL supplements into your daily routine, you are guaranteed to be one step closer to the summer body of your dreams.


Huperzine-A and Alpha-GPC found in this pre-workout are included to reduce mental crashing and sustain your energy levels, rep after rep. No mid-workout zoning out, you will have a laser-type focus to keep you going longer than you may have anticipated. If you are ready to take your training to the next level and reap the benefits of enhanced cognitive focus, NPL NO Charge Neuro X is the perfect choice.


NPL Amino Energy X Factor


Introducing NPL Amino Energy X Factor, an absolute game-changer in the gym and the world of supplements. The well-crafted formula of this powerhouse supplement includes branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are critical for muscle growth, as well as reducing muscle soreness and exercise fatigue – particularly useful to those struggling with liver complications. Enhanced exercise performance is practically guaranteed with this option from NPL supplements, with the added benefit of better recovery times and longer exercise endurance.


In combination with the 2:1:1 BCAAs present in the formula, the Amino Energy X Factor includes ingredients like caffeine, guarana, glutamine, and electrolytes. The caffeine and guarana are included for an extra boost of energy, where guarana has about twice as much bio-available caffeine as coffee. Hydration is an important part of this NPL supplement, as it is packed with electrolytes and coconut water powder – to replenish essential minerals and electrolytes. This supplement is focused on ensuring you get the most out of your workout. Amino Energy X Factor has a meticulously curated stimulant blend, designed to reduce workout ‘jitters’ or energy crashes.




NPL Vaso Pump X2


This powerful NPL supplement is formulated with specialised ingredients to elevate your performance to new heights. Tackle every gym session with this high-impact formula, which crucially, is free from caffeine – making it perfect for those late-night workouts, ensuring you can get some much-needed rest after the gym. However, do not think this performance-enhancing formula will not deliver a punch, through encouraging nitric oxide production for muscle pumps, you are guaranteed to push boundaries and make serious gains.


Unlock your fullest potential with a blend of high-quality ingredients, including N-acetyl-L-cysteine, promoting stamina and performance, and Betaine Anhydrous which supports lean muscle growth. The inclusion of nootropics is intended to engage cognitive alertness, focus, and mental agility. As mentioned above, this product from NPL supplements is focused on maximising nitric oxide production, achieved through the inclusion of GlycerSize, Citrulline Malate, and Grape Seed Extract. Elevate your exercise experience with NPL’s Vaso Pump X2, here at Prime Growth Nutrition, facilitating optimal performance with every workout.


NPL Hustle BCAA Energy Drink Six Pack


Introducing a different approach to supplementation with NPL’s Hustle BCAA Energy Drink. An on-the-go solution for those who need to get to the gym fast, with little time to prepare a supplement cocktail or smoothie. If you find yourself strapped for time and often forget to pack your gym supplements, this might be the ideal solution for you. This innovative blend combines BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio with caffeine, taurine, and Vitamin B to fuel your workout and help you achieve peak performance.


Keep one or two in the car, or stock your fridge with this efficient supplement, ensuring you never go for a workout without a much-needed energy boost. Interestingly, taurine and caffeine have opposing effects on your central nervous system. The caffeine-taurine physiological mechanism has been shown to work together in fascinating ways, with caffeine stimulating the central nervous system and taurine helping to reduce the cardiovascular symptoms typically associated with caffeine consumption. Ultimately, providing your system with the energy it needs while avoiding some of the more damaging effects of excessive caffeine consumption.


Available in two delicious flavours, these tasty drinks are sugar-free, promising maximum reward with zero guilt. This is no ordinary energy drink, NPL’s BCAA Energy Drink boasts a low-calorie efficient option to fuel your workout and routine.


NPL Thermo Cuts Black


The NPL Thermo Cuts Black supplement is a cutting-edge formula that has been carefully designed to stimulate thermogenesis and support your body’s lipid metabolism. Moreover, this game-changing addition from NPL supplements promotes cognitive enhancement, which helps with overall alertness and mental acuity. It also boasts a Tri-Factor system which supports your body’s fat processing capacity and mental response.


This product from NPL supplements is supported by clinical research and has proven effectiveness through scientific testing. With a blend of polyphenol-rich compounds sourced from Mediterranean citrus, red-orange, and grapefruit extracts – the polyphenols boast great antioxidant properties. To add to this, these biomolecules are prized for their anti-inflammatory properties and capacity for reducing the onset of many diseases. Additionally, it also contains Pterostilbene, another anti-oxidising agent that is derived from resveratrol. Generally found in grapes and blueberries, the inclusion of this molecule further promotes anti-oxidative support.


With optimal lipotropic support, this NPL supplement delivers enhanced mood and focus, which generally promotes a greater sense of well-being. Additionally, it contains Advantra Z Citrus Aurantium, which is perfect for those who are sensitive to the stimulant nature of caffeine but who still are looking for a boost in metabolism and energy.


NPL Organ Support


This offering from NPL supplements is packed with herbal extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that provide comprehensive support to your organs. By addressing oxidative stress pathways, this NPL supplement promotes homeostasis throughout the body. Your overall health and recovery are prioritised with this excellent formula.


The ingredients present in this supplement ensure support for your liver, heart, prostate, and skin. Through the support of these key organs, this offering from NPL supplements helps ensure they are all working at full capacity, leading to improved vitality and overall longevity. Simply incorporate this supplement into your morning routine to reap its unparalleled benefits. Put your health first and unlock your body’s full potential.


NPL Test Surge


NPL Test Surge is a powerhouse supplement available from our online store, which offers testosterone support and includes ingredients that have been clinically tested to provide you with ultimate support. ZMA, also known as zinc magnesium aspartate, is a combination of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. ZMA is used to optimise performance and encourage muscle growth and recovery. As the foundation of this NPL supplement, ZMA can help support your immune system, improve your sleep cycle, and most importantly, aid in protein synthesis.


Tribulus Terrestris and Fenugreek are also key ingredients in this NPL supplement, as Tribulus Terrestris is a non-Western medical ingredient, known to support cardiovascular health, and Fenugreek helps with the body’s insulin metabolism. In conjunction with these benefits, both ingredients are known to support testosterone regulation. The range of benefits one receives from NPL’s Test Surge extends further than your average workout, reap the benefits of improved sleep, increased libido, enhanced protein synthesis, and ultimately, impressive muscle gain.




NPL Test Charge Ultra


The NPL Test Charge Ultra supplement is the ultimate anabolic formula, with carefully chosen doses of clinically tested ingredients to help your body function at its absolute maximum potential. With the inclusion of Stinging Nettle Extract, this supplement helps reduce inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Moreover, research supports the use of stinging nettle, as it effectively treats gout and reduces muscle aches. Muscle support is a crucial aspect of a supplement’s formula, and the Test Charge Ultra is no different. Through binding with sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and inhibiting aromatase, stinging nettle extract also boosts testosterone levels, ensuring they are sustained for longer periods of time.


This NPL supplement also contains Eurycoma Longifolia, which has been shown to increase overall testosterone levels. With potential anti-estrogenic properties, this ingredient strongly supports anabolic biochemical processes. Moreover, with fenugreek extract, this supplement supports the production of lean muscle – allowing for remarkable strength improvements. With fat-reducing properties, this NPL supplement is key for optimal performance and vitality.


Experience the full extent of benefits found within NPL’s Test Charge Ultra supplement, including boosted libido, improved mood, and long-lasting performance. An increased sex drive is merely a bonus, as this supplement still reigns as one of NPL’s premium supplements – offering support in and out of the gym.


NPL Supplements: In Conclusion


Experience the power of NPL supplements, with Prime Growth Nutrition, your trusted supplement partner, ensuring you get your products delivered straight to your doorstep. Whether you are looking for a boost of energy during your workouts, increased performance and more testosterone, or simply looking to support your overall metabolic health, we have the solutions for you. Browse our extensive range of NPL products to ensure you feel the support you deserve – long after your workout has ended.



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