NPL Whey Protein: All Of Your Questions Answered


If you have been looking for a high-quality protein supplement, look no further than NPL whey protein. Nutritional Performance Labs (NPL) consistently puts out some of the best formulas on the market. In this brief guide, we will go through some frequently asked questions regarding whey protein, have a look at some of the many benefits of adding whey protein to your daily routine, and offer some tips and tricks for the optimal use of these supplements.


At Prime Growth Nutrition, we are passionate about demystifying workout supplements and gym practices, and opening the door for more individuals to improve their health and fitness. So, if you are curious about NPL whey protein and the benefits it can offer, you are certainly in the right place!




Is NPL Protein Powder Good?


The short answer to this question is yes, NPL whey protein is one of the best supplements on the market. One of their most popular and well-known products is the NPL Platinum Whey, and for great reason too. This excellent protein powder tastes great and is also remarkably light on the stomach. This ensures that, with every scoop of powder you consume, digestion is completely comfortable and easy.


What Are The Benefits Of NPL Platinum Whey Protein?


Many benefits come part and parcel with NPL Platinum Whey. Two of the foremost benefits are this formula’s fantastic ability to stimulate lean muscle mass after intense gym sessions and improve your system’s muscle recovery abilities at the same time. These factors will play a crucial role in encouraging the growth of lean muscle mass, whilst also helping you get back into the gym faster. On top of this, NPL Platinum Whey is a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals – these contribute to the support of nerve and muscle functioning, as well as promoting greater bone health.




What Are The Side Effects Of NPL Whey Protein?


If you go beyond the recommended serving sizes or dosages, you can begin to experience escalated bowel movements, nausea, thirst, acne, reduction in appetite, headaches, and tiredness. We always advise that you stick to the recommended dosages provided on the packaging to avoid these types of symptoms. We also suggest that you check with a medical professional before starting any new supplemental regimes, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Is NPL A Good Brand?


Nutritional Performance Labs prides itself on being one of the most trusted supplement brands in South Africa. They are dedicated to providing their customers with complete transparency, meaning that every ingredient utilised in their formulas is listed on the packaging. They can be transparent because they make sure to use only the highest quality nutrients and ingredients on the market. The combination of these factors makes NPL one of the best options in the industry, and you can rest assured that you are receiving some of the very best health and fitness supplements around.


Does Whey Protein Tone Your Body?


As we often state – consuming whey protein alone is not enough to start seeing noticeable changes in your body composition or encourage weight loss. If you want a toned, muscular appearance, you will need to combine the use of whey protein powder with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Ultimately, it is about balance and consistency – if you get these things right, you will start seeing changes in your physique in no time.


NPL Whey Protein Review: Some Nutritional Information


Alongside the NPL Platinum Whey Protein, there is another fantastic protein option to consider. The NPL Platinum Whey + Protein formula is an impressive blend of multiple sources of protein, namely whey protein isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate, egg white protein, micellar casein, pea, and rice proteins. Not only does this full-spectrum blend of 7 lean protein sources not feature any added sugar, but the stage-release nature of the formula means that your system is absorbing amino acids continuously.


You would be hard-pressed to discover a more versatile whey protein blend than this – the multiple sources of protein, multi-stage release, and varied amino acid profile make for an ultra-effective workout supplement. If you have yet to experience the incredible, great-tasting Platinum Whey + Protein formula, we encourage you to pick some up from our online store and try it for yourself. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed!




NPL Whey Protein Benefits: How Does Whey Protein Help You Build Muscle?


There have been a huge number of studies conducted on the effects of whey protein powder; it is one of the most studied and documented supplements in the world. Whey is created by processing cow’s milk – the extraction of whey specifically takes place when the fatty parts of the milk coagulate, and the whey can be separated from the watery mixture.


As an interesting side note, if you have ever opened a container of yoghurt and noticed a liquid floating at the top – that’s whey protein in its most basic form.


Of course, many other stages of processing are necessary to create the whey protein we know and love. As you may know, proteins are the building blocks for almost all structures in the human body – including the contractile elements in your muscles. These are supported and grown when they are provided with adequate amounts of amino acids, which whey protein happens to be packed full of.


Many whey supplements feature all nine of these essential amino acids. Additionally, they may contain a great amount of branched-chain amino acids, which are also extremely important. Leucine and Valine are particularly vital BCAAs, as they play a significant role in promoting the growth of muscles and boosting levels of cellular antioxidants. It is for this reason that bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike swear by the use of whey protein.


Many studies have indicated that whey is best utilised by the body when consumed directly after an intense gym session – this is known as the “anabolic window”. It is during this period when muscle protein synthesis can be maximised most effectively.


NPL Whey Protein: Can Whey Supplements Help With Weight Loss?


Whey protein powder can certainly assist you on your weight loss journey. One of the foremost reasons for this is that it contains substantial amounts of satiating micronutrients – basically, this means that it can help you avoid overeating and keep you full for longer. In fact, you can expect to eat up to 440 fewer calories per day as a result of whey protein intake. In one study conducted by researchers, they found that utilising protein powder cut the participant’s cravings by 60%!


Whey is an excellent weight loss tool because it encourages your body to eat less while providing it with great amounts of protein and healthy calories. So, when you decide to bring whey into your daily routine, you should be able to lose fat while still holding on to muscle mass. In terms of weight loss supplements, this is about as efficient as you can expect to find.




NPL Protein: How Does Whey Protein Help With Recovery?


Whey protein will not only assist you in building muscle at a rapid rate, but it can help your body repair itself in preparation for the next workout too. It does this by sending out the BCAAs, which are found in abundance in most whey-based proteins, to repair your muscle tissues. Each time you push yourself in a workout, your muscles experience tiny rips known as ‘micro-tears’, and these are what trigger stiffness and aches.


However, when you consume whey protein after a workout, you are effectively equipping your system with all the tools it requires to recover and repair itself. The amino acids, like construction workers, head out to fix these micro-tears. Not only this, but many compounds in whey will prevent muscle loss from occurring. So, not only will it speed up recovery, but it will also help you hold on to your hard-earned gains.


What Other Protein Powders Does NPL Have On Offer?


Let’s get into a few of the other fantastic offerings that NPL brings to the table. At Prime Growth Nutrition, we have hundreds of amazing fitness and health supplements available from our online store. Along with NPL, we have partnered with several high-quality brands to bring our customers the best selection possible. To sweeten the deal further, we offer free shipping on any orders over R600!


NPL Micellar Casein


Many fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders feel that micellar casein is an absolute gym essential. This game-changing addition from NPL can offer greatly improved endurance and strength gains while also enhancing your resistance training ability. Micellar-based protein powders are usually slow-release in nature, and this supplement is no different, providing a steady stream of amino acid cells for up to 7 hours! This should guarantee that your system receives positive nitrogen retention for a much longer duration than whey-based alternatives can provide.


Micellar casein consists of 5 different types of proteins: beta casein, alpha casein, delta casein, gamma casein, and kappa casein. This formula features all five of these in a distinct, globular structure, that makes it a highly effective protein for packing on muscle and maintaining it. So, if you are looking for slow-digesting protein with an impressive amino acid profile – and ultra-low on both carbs and sugar – this is the perfect protein supplement for you.


NPL Hyper Gain Mass


If your goal is to make serious gains quickly and you have been struggling to do so, it could be time to mix it up and experiment with the NPL Hyper Gain Mass formula. With more than 1250 calories per serving, this should be just the thing to kickstart your body and encourage explosive muscle growth. Simply add 2 – 5 scoops into water or full cream milk, and you’re ready to go!


For bodybuilders and gym lovers who are heading into a bulk, you will struggle to find a more effective mass gainer than this formula. Of course, it is important to note that this supplement warrants intense training as, without it, the calorie-dense formula can result in unwanted weight gain.




22 - 30 November 2023

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