Our Supplement Store: Begin Your Fitness Journey


Finding a reliable supplement store is the first step in your fitness journey. However, once you’ve found the perfect supplement store, you might be unsure about what products will work for you and your goals. 


If you have found yourself in this predicament, then you’re in luck. The Prime Growth Nutrition team is here to help. Our supplement store has many different options for you, and we’re going to go a step further and help you get started with this quick guide. 




Continue reading to be introduced to the various products that can be found in Prime Growth’s supplement store. We will also investigate what these supplements are used for. Whether you aim to lose weight, gain muscle, or live a healthier lifestyle, we have the products for you.  


Supplement Store: The Benefits Of Supplements 


Various supplements can be found at our online supplement store. Each one has unique benefits. Dietary supplements are beneficial. Examples of dietary supplements would be vitamin D and Calcium. Taking folic acid during pregnancy has been shown to help reduce specific birth defects. Regarding exercise-specific supplements, gym enthusiasts can use pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout supplements to smash those fitness goals.  


Pre-Workout Supplements 


Pre-workout supplements are some of the most popular products our supplement store sells. Within the health and fitness industry, the terms pre, intra and post refer to the time supplements are taken. Pre-work supplements are taken before exercising, and intra-workout supplements are taken while exercising. At Prime Growth Nutrition, our supplement store supplies products for every part of your workout.  


Some key benefits of using pre-workout supplements include: 


  • Increased energy: Keeping up with work life and a gym schedule can be extremely challenging. Pre-workout supplements help maximise energy levels to ensure that you can give 100% while working out, even after a long workday. 
  • Remaining focused: Focus is essential while exercising. Pre-workout supplements keep people focused during their workouts. This helps people stay motivated. You will be in the right frame of mind during your whole workout. Pre-workout will allow you to push through tedious workouts. 
  • Increased blood flow: This helps with better circulation, which provides a more substantial supply of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles while you exercise.  
  • Faster recovery: An exceptional benefit of pre-workout is that it helps speed up recovery. Muscle soreness is welcomed after a good workout, but if it lasts longer than a day or two, it can hinder further workouts.  
  • Enhanced fat loss: Many supplements have ingredients that naturally boost your metabolism. Some of these supplements also naturally heat your body, which helps you burn more calories.  


Stimulant And Non-Stimulant Supplements 


Prime Growth Nutrition supplement store offers both stimulant and non-stimulant pre-workout supplements. Stimulant pre-workout supplements have high levels of caffeine. On the other hand, stimulant-free pre-workout supplements do not contain caffeine or guarana.  


Two of the most popular stimulant pre-workout supplements we supply at our supplement store are USN Qhush Hyperdrive Super Heat and Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre-workout. USN Qhush Hyperdrive Super Heat helps increase blood flow and provides greater muscle pumps while exercising. Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre-workout supports energy levels, fat burning, and muscular endurance. 


Two popular stimulant-free pre-workout supplements we proudly supply at our supplement store include Insane Labz Insane Veinz and Nutritech Beta-Alanine. Both increase nitric oxide levels to speed up blood flow. Insane Labz Insane Veinz is packed with Betaine Anhydrous and Agmatine Sulfate. Betaine Anhydrous and Agmatine Sulfate increase the production of nitric oxide. 


Nutritech Beta-Alanine contains 2200 mg of beta-alanine in every single serving. This supplement will work well for increasing performance and ability in prolonged exercise or endurance exercises.  




If you would like to experience the benefits of these products, look through our product catalogue on the Prime Growth Nutrition online supplement store.  


Weight Loss And Weight Gain Supplements 


Thousands of products on an online supplement store promise to work miracles when it comes to weight loss or gain. Unfortunately, many people are left disappointed with the results or lack thereof. However, at Prime Growth Nutrition, we have products for weight gain and weight loss in our supplement store that have shown positive results.  


To find the perfect weight loss or weight gain supplement, you must find one that meets your needs. Your needs and weight goals must be taken into consideration. 


The most popular weight loss products that we have available in our supplement store include the following: 


  • Nutritech Thermotech Day-Night 24-Hour Fat Burning Pack: This is an all-day fat-burning supplement made from a potent fat-burning nootropic formula, and it provides users with an increase in energy.  
  • SSA Supplements Methyl Cuts: This product can increase energy outputs, allowing users to push themselves harder during training. SSA Supplements Methyl Cuts have a thermogenic effect. This will enable users to burn calories even when they are not training.  
  • Muscletech Hydroxycut Pro Clinical 99% Caffeine Free: This is a stimulant-free, fat-burn supplement. This supplement from our supplement store has powerful weight loss effects. Muscletech Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is 99% Caffeine-free, can help metabolise fats, proteins, and carbs and contains vitamin D and apple cider vinegar. 
  • Nutritech Thermotech Garcinia Cambogia: This product is beneficial for weight loss because it reduces appetite. It can block fat production as well as reduce belly fat in users.  




Many supplements can be used for weight loss. Before you start using any of the products we stock at our supplement store, it is essential for you to first speak to your doctor. When it comes to supplements, they can have varied levels of effectiveness, depending on several biological factors. Thus, your supplement journey will be unique to you. Finding supplements from our supplement store that work best for you alone with a professional is essential.  


Weight Management Supplements 


When you explore our supplement store, you will see that many different products fall under the weight management category. Weight management will differ from person to person. This means that the weight management you are interested in will affect the weight management supplement you purchase from our supplement store.  


The types of supplements we have under our weight management category include: 

  • Thermogenic Water Enhancers 
  • MCT Oils 
  • Fat Burners 
  • Stimulant Free Fat Burners 
  • Thermogenic Protein  
  • Vegan Meal Replacement
  • Meal Replacement 
  • Keto 
  • Diuretics 


You can use thermogenic water enhancers if you struggle with consuming enough water to lose weight. These water enhancers add extra flavour to water. They have fat-burning ingredients. If you find water boring, this is a healthy way to enhance the flavour without adding loads of sugar or preservatives. Our supplement store’s two water enhancers include Pharmafreak Water Enhancer and Youthful Living Body Fit Diet Water Enhancer




Furthermore, losing, gaining, or maintaining weight can all be done using meal replacements. Meal-replacement shakes, liquid products, and replacement bars can be found on our website. The USN Whole Gainer is a meal replacement used to increase muscle growth and recovery. This is a vegan meal replacement. There are sources of carbohydrates and protein found in the supplement. This meal replacement increases the regeneration of muscle glycogen. At the same time, ensure that you have received enough nourishment after your workout. 


Many different meal replacement options can be found in our supplement store. Contact the Prime Growth Nutrition team if you are unsure which one will work best for your lifestyle. Our staff will do their best to assist you on your fitness journey. 


Recovery Supplements 


One of the significant errors we see at our Prime Growth Nutrition supplement store is that many people focus on finding supplements to help them during their workouts and forget that recovery is just as important as the workout routine itself. Post-workout or recovery supplements give muscle cells the energy to keep moving while recovering from your workouts.  


Some of these types of supplements may assist with recovering from injuries. These supplements provide muscles with the nutrients needed for muscle damage repair. Recovery supplements also aid in muscle building. Sore and stiff muscles put a lot of people off from continuing their exercise journey. Because we understand the need for premium- recovery supplements, we stock only the best at our supplement store.  


The four most popular recovery supplements we have available include the following: 


  • NPL Cream of Rice: This product contains no gluten, fat, or cholesterol. This supplement is unflavoured, making it perfect to add to protein shakes or porridges.  
  • SSA Supplements Dextrose: This supplement has been designed to break down necessary carbs more efficiently. This provides people with an almost instant form of energy. This provides people with high energy levels for a continuously vigorous workout.  
  • Heavy Nation Muscle Amino: This is an intra-exercise supplement. This is taken while exercising and is made up of amino acids. Amino acids are used to increase recovery and promote lean muscle building. This supplement also helps with hydration support, improves the quality of workouts, and reduces muscle cramps. 
  • SSA Supplements ZMB-6 Pro: This product is made up of magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc – which boosts testosterone levels and improves gym and sports performance.  


Before you start using any of the products from our supplement store listed above, it is advised to seek advice from your healthcare professional. Avoid using these supplements if you are pregnant or nursing, or being treated for high blood pressure or heart disease. If you experience adverse reactions to these supplements, you should stop using them immediately and consult your doctor. 




Supplements For General Health 


If you have found all the gym supplements you need from our supplement store or are not a big fan of exercising but would like to find supplements that can improve your general health, Prime Growth Nutrition has your back. All the supplements mentioned are available on our online supplement store. We have a large variety of supplements to improve overall health and well-being. 


The most popular general health supplements we have available include the following: 


  • Vitatech Energy and Focus Vita+ Effervescent: This product helps users stay focused. This supplement contains 100mg of caffeine, which helps with energy levels and focus, 200mg of L-theanine to elevate serotonin and dopamine levels, and vitamin B Complex, which helps users maintain healthy nerve cells.   
  • Vitatech Probiotic Vita+ Effervescent: This product may assist users with digestion, gut health, and immune function. Probiotics relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, reduce inflammation, and boost immune functionality.  
  • Vitatech Women’s Pack: This has been designed specifically for women. This is a daily multivitamin for women that contains numerous beneficial vitamins.  
  • NPL Test Surge: This is a supplement that provides users with a potent amount of testosterone. This supplement increases testosterone levels by using ZMA, Fenugreek, Tribulus and Terrestris to raise testosterone levels safely. 




There are various general health supplements available on our online supplement store. Now that you know more about the different supplements available, it’s time to head over to the Prime Growth Nutrition supplement store and begin your fitness journey by choosing the best supplements that will work for you and help you perform at your best.   





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