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Over the past few years, many individuals have become aware of the vast benefits supplements can have on the human body and have started shopping at supplement stores. Taking the right supplements can help people attain the body figure of their dreams, while also providing many other health benefits, including better sleep, better vitamin intake, and a reduction in cardiovascular and blood pressure-related issues, to name a few.


With the ever-increasing variety of supplements on the market today, knowing what to take for your personal health goals can become a highly complex issue. That is why at Prime Growth Nutrition, we aim to stock a wide variety of supplements to help you find everything you need in one place. In the following article, we will look at the main categories of products you can find at our supplement store – covering some of the products offered in each, and we will end each section by giving you some helpful recommendations.




Protein Powders


Whey Proteins


Today, whey proteins are one of the most popular products you can buy at any supplement store. Whey proteins are made as a by-product of milk during cheese-making, when the milk is curdled. Whey products are a prevalent protein supplement because they can be considered a complete protein, containing all nine amino acids the body cannot produce independently. Athletes in many sports choose whey protein since it is easily digestible (for those who are not lactose intolerant). In addition to muscle growth and recovery, whey proteins have shown other health benefits, including reducing inflammation and blood pressure and increasing satiety. Three iterations of whey protein products can be found in supplement stores. These are:


1. Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

2. Whey Protein Isolates (WPI)

3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate (WPH)


Prime Growth Nutrition Supplement Store Recommendations


USN Hydrotech Whey:


It contains a unique combination of wheat and whey proteins. This allows for a phased protein release that nourishes muscle over an extended period.


Nutritech Notorious NT Whey:


Nutritech is an industry leader in quality protein products. With its proprietary cold-filtered, rapidly releasing micronised protein isolates, the absorption speed of Notorious NT Whey cannot be beaten.


Mass Gainers


Another protein product line offered at the Prime Growth Nutrition supplement store is mass gainer supplements. Unlike whey, which focuses solely on protein intake, mass gainers are designed to help those who struggle to meet their calorie intake requirements, which is especially helpful in body-building environments. Mass gainers are made up of a combination of carbohydrates, protein and, in some cases, fat, along with some essential vitamins and minerals. Due to the high-calorie nature of the product, it is vital to note that it may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who suffer from pre-existing health problems.


Prime Growth Nutrition Supplement Store Recommendations


NPL Hyper Gain Mass:


A product specially designed for those who consider themselves hard gainers and want to increase muscle size quickly. With over 1250 calories a serving, you can expect explosive muscle growth.


Nutritech Vegan Gorilla Gainer:


Prime Growth Nutrition has you covered for all your dietary needs. This Nutritech vegan product will help you gain muscle without consuming animal-based ingredients.




Weight Management


Fat Burners


Sometimes you don’t want to put on weight, looking instead for the opposite effect: burning a few extra kilograms. A supplement store like Prime Growth Nutrition has you covered in these situations; with our range of fat burner products. The primary purpose of a fat burner supplement is to suppress appetite and maintain or even increase your energy levels. This is done through active ingredients like green leaf extract, which has a high caffeine content. Although fat burners have been shown to reduce weight, they can result in mild symptoms like jitters, insomnia, or an increased heart rate if not taken alongside a healthy diet. Therefore, the product should be taken in moderation and with the advice of health care professionals.


Prime Growth Nutrition Supplement Store Recommendations


NPL Thermo Cuts:


One of our most trusted fat-burning products. Thermo cuts contain an NPL-exclusive thermogenic fat burner. Helping you burn weight while boosting energy and mood levels.


Sci-Core Moon Burn:


If you are a little more health conscious, try our stimulant-free fat burners. Our supplement store stocks Sci-Core Moon Burn, which utilises the Ashwagandha plant and zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 to help burn that stubborn fat.


Meal Replacements


Our supplement store also offers meal replacement products which, as the name suggests, are designed to work as a substitute for one or more meals daily. These supplements contain an exact number of calories while maintaining a healthy balance between the essential nutritional groupings like protein, carbs, fats and vitamins. For those expected to be on a calorie-controlled diet, like professional fighters or long-distance athletes, the exact calorie count in these meal replacement supplements can be beneficial. However, like with the fat burner products in this category, meal replacements should never become a complete substitution for all other meals. Instead, the product should be taken alongside other healthy sources of nutrition. Using a reputable brand name product and consulting a healthcare professional is crucial in ensuring this supplement’s correct nutritional intake.


Prime Growth Nutrition Supplement Store Recommendations


Vitatech Complete Shake Mix:


Stocked at our supplement store, this trusted brand seeks to balance immunity, digestion and energy through supportive nutrition. This nutritional source is perfect for those who have recently experienced physical stressors like illness, injury or surgery.


Youthful Living Keto Collagen Shake:


As mentioned in this article, Prime Growth Nutrition’s supplement store works for people with different dietary requirements. Youthful Living provides a meal substitution product explicitly designed for people who subscribe to the Keto diet.








You have completed a hard gym session and taken your pre-workout supplements and protein powders. Our Prime Growth Nutrition supplement store also offers you great post-workout products as well. Taking care of your body after strenuous exercise is also essential. An excellent post-workout supplement will help your body recover quicker to keep the intensity up in all your training sessions. Post-workout products utilise a blend of carbohydrates and ingredients like glutamine, creatine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to support muscle recovery and reduce soreness and muscle fatigue. It also replenishes glycogen and glucose depleted during arduous workout sessions.


Prime Growth Nutrition Supplement Store Recommendations


SSA Supplements Creatine Transport


This upmarket product contains a blend of dextrose and maltodextrin, resulting in rapid absorption during the post-workout recovery period and quick muscle recovery and increased muscle cell volumisation.


Evolve Creagen Elite


This performance-enhancing formula blends Glyco-Nova, Cluster Dextrin, and Palatinose to provide insulin spikes during your post-workout recovery period. Resulting in raised endurance and recovery levels.


Sleep Recovery


At Prime Growth Nutrition, we understand that improving your body is not just about working out and training but about living a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, our supplement store also offers products to help improve your sleep cycle – because proper rest enhances performance. Sleep recovery supplements blend common ingredients like melatonin, magnesium, and L-theanine to help calm nerves, provide mental support, and promote relaxation. Melatonin is a hormone that explicitly regulates your sleep cycle and is, therefore, common in most sleep recovery supplements.


Prime Growth Nutrition Supplement Store Recommendations


Vitatech Sleep Pack:


This is a combination package containing zinc, sleep support, and magnesium. These natural minerals are essential in promoting better sleep-wake cycles. In addition, through its chamomile extracts, the Vitatech sleep pack also contains stress relievers to help calm nerves.


Pharmafreak GH Freak:


This is an innovative hybrid sleep supplement made to promote better sleeping patterns. The supplement also promotes healthy growth hormone secretion, which can help support recovery and growth.








So far, this article has looked at some supplements that the body cannot create on its own and are not naturally found in the body – it makes sense why you would go to a supplement store to furnish your body with these nutrients. On the other hand, Creatine is naturally found in the body as part of muscle tissue. The creatine compound plays a critical role in aiding muscle contractions. This is because creatine produces an energy source known as adenosine triphosphate (or ATP for short), one of the body’s primary energy sources. So if it’s made naturally, why would you need to visit a supplement store to boost your creatine levels? Utilising a creatine supplement will help increase your creatine levels past what your body can produce on its own, increasing the level of ATP you can access during an intense workout session.


Prime Growth Nutrition Supplement Store Recommendations


Heavy Nation Muscle Juice:


Heavy Nation seeks to provide an easily absorbed creatine product, lessening the chances of overuse. Heavy Nation has combined creatine with an original transport system of dextrose, waxy maise, maltodextrin and hydration support to help your body absorb creatine faster.


Nutritech Creatine Monohydrate:


Like all Nutritech products, this creatine supplement is at the top of its class. Providing a pure 500mg creatine monohydrate per serving will help improve sporting performance and help with muscle gain and recovery rates.


Nootropic Pre-Workout


At Prime Growth Nutrition, we believe it’s not enough just to be physically fit. To raise your game to the next level, it is essential to ensure that your mind is healthy. That is why our supplement store provides some of the best nootropics on the market. Nootropic is derived from the Greek ‘Noos’ meaning mind, and ‘Tropos’ translates to turning. So although Prime Growth’s nootropics won’t turn your mind, they will provide you with enhanced cognitive function. Nootropics can be found in many natural ingredients, mainly herbal extracts like ginkgo biloba, bacopa monnieri, and Rhodiola rosea. However, it is essential to remember that nootropics, like other supplements, have varying degrees of efficacy depending on the person using them.


Prime Growth Nutrition Supplement Store Recommendations


SSA Supplements Hellfire Neuro:


A leader in nootropic supplements, SSA’s Hellfire Neuro is a cut above the rest. With its combination of a proprietary neural ignition matrix (made up of caffeine anhydrous, Alpha-GPC, and Piperine extract) and hydro-pump support, you can trust Hellfire Neuro to get you into the right mind frame for the next workout session.


Sci-Core Rocket Energy:


For the perfect workout, you need both energy and focus. Sci-Core has you covered with its Rocket Energy brand. With its telescopic focus blend of L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitrate, L-Theanine and Huperzine, and caffeine anhydrous to keep those energy levels up, this is a nootropic that packs a punch.




Prime Growth Nutrition: The Complete Supplement Store


Whether you are in the market for protein powders, looking to manage your weight, find something for recovery, or to boost your performance, the Prime Growth Nutrition supplement store has you covered. In the article above, we looked at some of the significant supplement markets Prime Growth Nutrition provides for and the premium options offered by our industry-leading catalogue. So the next time you’re looking for a supplement store that has you covered, head to the Prime Growth Nutrition store and get the right product for you!



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