Slow Release Protein

Have a look at our range of slow-release protein powders (casein). Casein protein before bed is the ideal time of use for your body. It is a good source of protein that will keep you feeling full for longer.

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  • TNT Mercury Micellar Casein (750g)

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  • NPL-Casein-Slow-Release-Night-Time-Protein-750g-Vanilla-Custard
  • Nutritech-Casein-Slow-Release-Protein-1kg-Chocolate-Mousse

    Nutritech Casein Slow Release 6HRS+ (1kg)

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  • USN Casein Protein (800g)

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  • Youthful-Living-Pharma-Sport-Muscle-Feed-Custard-600g-Vanilla
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