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It’s a fact that the more fat efficient an athlete can become, the better they can perform, especially when they have the ability to oxidize a higher percentage of fat across various intensities. The 32Gi Endure Sports Drink promotes this by way of partitioning – supplied carbohydrates & the body’s fat stores.

Ironically, when an endurance athlete performs at a controlled pace for many hours, the best form of fuel would be a stable prolonged release of energy, like with the 32Gi Endure Sports Drink.

  • CLEAN, SUSTAINED ENERGY – The 32Gi Endure Sports Drink is designed primarily with a novel carbohydrate, Isomaltulose (Palatinose) which results in a stable and controlled release of glucose. It mitigates energy peaks and troughs and provides a prolonged and sustained supply of energy.
  • PROMOTES FAT BURNING – Due to 32Gi Endure Sports Drink’s slow & steady rise in blood sugar, it is the perfect drink to facilitate proper energy source partitioning, allowing for fat store tapping to aid energy requirements.
  • REDUCE FATIGUE & NAUSEA – Unlike high spiking carbohydrates & sugar blends that may flood your system (intensity-dependent) causing nausea & fatigue, the 32Gi Endure Sports Drink provides smaller amounts of glucose over a longer period which may result in less upset to the system.
  • ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES – We are fully compliant with WADA standards.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES PROMISE – Rest easy knowing that the 32Gi Endure Sports Drink has no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. It is also gluten, soy, dairy and GMO-free!


  • Mix 2 scoops (50 g) with up to 750 ml of water.
  • Carbo-Loading – 32Gi Endure can be used before an event to up glycogen stores in the form of carbo-loading. Consume 2-3 bottles a day 2 to 3 days prior to your event.
  • Pre-Event or Training Loading – 32Gi Endure can be used for pre-loading just before an event. Start drinking approximately 60min before the start. 
  • During Events & Training – 32Gi Endure can be consumed as a carbohydrate & hydration sports drink during any event or training session. It’s best to drink to thirst according to hydration requirements. A 50 g serving of Endure releases for a minimum of 2 hours.


If you need some guidance or additional information on this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a dedicated Supplement Specialist Team available for Men and Women. You can reach us through our “Contact Us” page or Live Support.


Seek advice from a health care professional before use if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are being treated for heart disease or high blood pressure. Should not be used in conjunction with any prescription medication. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


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1 review for 32Gi Endure Tub (900g)

  1. John Kidson

    Slow release, so small sips all the time, easily swallowed and effective. No bounce … just sustained energy

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