ButtaNutt Cinnamon Macadamia Nut Butter (250g)

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ButtaNutt Cinnamon Macadamia Nut Butter is a delicious combination of sweet and creamy Macadamias from the Sabie Valley and a spicy and wooded flavour from Cinnamon, combined these flavours add a special dimension to this soothing ButtaNutt blend.

Its impressive health benefits are not the only reason ButtaNutt chose this delightful spice to complement its creamy macs. Cinnamon’s spicy, wooded sentimentality always takes one home. Soothing and revitalizing, you can savour this butter straight from the jar, one spoonful at a time. Naughty.


  • Dry roasted macadamia nuts, cinnamon powder (2%)


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Cinnamon Macadamia


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