32Gi Cramp Assalt Gel (10g)

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Looking for an ingeniously easy-to-carry and consume solution that offers anti-cramping support, with predictability and high reliability? Look no further than 32Gi Cramp Assalt.

32Gi Cramp Assalt is small package of 10 grams that contains an innovative and advanced electrolyte gel with a high amount of natrium and the complete electrolyte spectrum. 32Gi Cramp Assalt also contains capsicum annum that works as a neuro-muscular trigger, sometimes helping to reduce or stop muscle contractions and spasms caused by the formation of lactic acid.

  • SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN CAPSICUM ANNUUM - Acts as a neuro-muscular trigger (which has been shown to reduce or stop muscle contractions and spasms when they occur). 
  • EASY ON THE STOMACH – Contains Glutamine to help reduce the risk associated with GI (Gastrointestinal) distress. 
  • PACKED WITH 6 POWER VITAMINS & MINERALS – 184 mg Sodium, 69 mg Potassium, 40 mg Magnesium, 28 mg Vitamin C, 20 mg Calcium, and 100 iu Vitamin D3.
  • MAXIMISE FLUID ABSORPTION - Stay properly hydrated. Cramp Assalt is a simple snap and consume gel, to be taken with water or your favourite 32Gi Energy Drink.
  • LIGHT, SMALL, EASY TO CARRY - And Fits anywhere on the Run, Bike or even a Swim. 
  • PATENTED FAST ONE-HANDED SNAP PACK - Provides Easy to use and Mess-Free consumption. 
  • ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES - We are fully compliant with WADA standards. 
  • NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES PROMISE - Rest easy knowing that 32Gi Cramp Assalt has no artificial sweeteners or colours, or nature-identical flavours. It is also gluten, soy, dairy and GMO-free.


  • 32Gi Cramp Assalt can be used before and during exercise. Gel intake will vary depending on an individual's fluid loss due to sweat during exercise.
  • 1-2 hydration gels per hour (depends on sweat loss levels based on individual and temperature).
  • Consume water separately with the gel & test during training.

32Gi Cramp Assalt Gel 10g - Nutritional Information

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32Gi Cramp Assalt Gel (10g)

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