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32Gi Cramp Assalt Gel (10g)

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Looking for an ingeniously easy to carry and consume solution that offers anti-cramping support, with predictability and high reliability? Look no further than 32Gi® Cramp Assalt.

32Gi Cramp Assault is a small package of 10 grams that contains an innovative and advanced electrolyte gel with a high amount of natrium and the complete electrolyte spectrum. 32Gi Cramp Assault also contains capsicum annum that works as a neuro-muscular trigger, sometimes helping to reduce or stop muscle contractions and spasms caused by the formation of lactic acid.



SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN CAPSICUM ANNUUM - Acts as a neuro-muscular trigger (which has been shown to reduce or stop muscle contractions and spasms when they occur). 

EASY ON THE STOMACH – Contains Glutamine to help reduce the risk associated with GI (Gastrointestinal) distress. 

PACKED WITH 6 POWER VITAMINS & MINERALS – 184 mg Sodium, 69 mg Potassium, 40 mg Magnesium, 28 mg Vitamin C, 20 mg Calcium, and 100 iu Vitamin D3 - per sachet. 

MAXIMISE FLUID ABSORPTION - Stay properly hydrated. Cramp Assalt is a simple snap and consume gel, to be taken with water or your favourite 32Gi® Energy Drink.

LIGHT, SMALL, EASY TO CARRY - And Fits anywhere on the Run, Bike or even a Swim. 

PATENTED FAST ONE-HANDED SNAP PACK - Provides Easy to use and Mess-Free consumption. 

ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES - We are fully compliant with WADA standards. 

NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES PROMISE - Rest easy knowing that 32Gi® Cramp Assalt has no artificial sweeteners or colours, nature-identical flavours. It is also gluten, soy, dairy and GMO-free.



32Gi® Cramp Assalt can be used before and during exercise. Gel intake will vary depending on an individual's fluid loss due to sweat during exercise.

Recommended Use:

1-2 hydration gels per hour (depends on sweat loss levels based on individual and temperature).

* Consume water separately with the gel & test during training.

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32Gi Cramp Assalt Gel (10g)

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