32Gi G-Shot (4.5g)

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The 32Gi® G-Shot is designed with you, the athlete, in mind. Separate your caffeine from your carbs and you control how much, and when to take it. A 60 mg shot of pure liquid guarana caffeine delivered via a 4.5 g gel to replicates the potency, taste and effect of a real-life espresso coffee shot.  


FAST-ACTING CAFFEINE JOLT – We use pure Guarana to immediately deliver 60mg of caffeine when consumed. 

ALL SPORTS SUPERSTAR – No matter your sport of choice, the 32Gi® G-Shot will give you an added advantage. It’s time to win your age group, score the winning goal, dominate the court, and set yourself apart in your box!  

REDUCE TIREDNESS & FATIGUE - The 32Gi® G-Shot is a great pre-workout option, especially when paired with 32Gi® Hydrate. Need some oomph to finish your event strong? In Taiwan, the G-Shot has earned the nickname “take me home!” 

INCREASE ALERTNESS & STAMINA – Stay focused & strong, whether you are competing for 1 hour or 24! Separating your caffeine from your carbohydrate intake will also allow you to consume what you need, when you need it!

JUST SNAP AND CONSUME - An innovative and completely unique gel packaging. The product is easy to carry, easy to use and is more environmentally friendly than conventional packaging.

ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES - We are fully compliant with WADA standards.

NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES PROMISE - Rest easy knowing that the 32Gi® G-shot has no artificial sweeteners or colours, nature-identical flavours. AND it's gluten, soy, dairy, GMO-free.



An athlete’s personal caffeine intake should be understood prior to using 32Gi® G-Shots during a race. The best practice is to first train with caffeine and see what works best for you - before taking it in a race.  

Pre-Event or Training

Take a G-Shot or 2 (depending on your caffeine tolerance) 45-60 minutes prior to a high-performance event - to assist in stimulating and getting the mind sharp. For an added boost (or rather than) take 1 or 2 G-Shots 5 min prior to the start of your event. 

During Events & Training

Suggested usage would be 1 G-Shot every 45-60 minutes during an event (or as required).