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Whether you are a fitness buff or an aspiring athlete, you likely have some understanding of the importance of protein supplements. What’s more, you have probably seen or heard of protein shakes by now. If you’re fairly new to the supplements industry, however, you may feel a little bit lost when it comes to deciding what kind of product will complement your gym routine. Those looking to lose weight, pack on some muscle, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, can all benefit from the addition of protein supplements.


In this article, we will break down what protein can do for you, as well as what to consider if you are looking for a protein supplement to help you achieve your fitness goals. Prime Growth Nutrition is here to help you BE THE BEST YOU™




The Protein Powerhouse


Protein is one of life’s building blocks, and as such it is one of the fundamental macronutrients for sustaining the various bodily functions. It’s responsible for repairing muscle tissues and supporting the immune system, further highlighting its necessity. While there are many ways to ingest protein (as it is found in a wide variety of foods), it’s often not the most prevalent macronutrient in any dish that isn’t meat.


It’s recommended to set your protein intake in line with your fitness and health goals. Perhaps you are new to lifting and have heard a little about protein supplements, or you are an experienced lifter who is coming back from a break. Either way, it is important to know that most of your results in terms of muscle composition are directly related to your protein intake. As they say, the majority of your physique is actually made in the kitchen. Exercise breaks down your muscles, and protein builds them up again – stronger.


If bulking up is what you want, it is recommended that you bump up your protein intake to see optimal results – anywhere from 1.6 to 2.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This means for a 70kg person, they may need anything from 112 grams to 189 grams of protein per day to reach their true potential. While some of us may be able to do this through our diet, for many, this is simply too much food or too expensive to be sustainable. That’s where the utility of protein supplements comes in.


Protein supplements are a cost-effective solution to the protein problem. They often come as protein powders, which are concentrated protein sources that can be mixed with either water or milk to make a shake for ease of consumption. This can be partnered with your already existing meal plan to maximise protein intake. Not only is this convenient for the sake of time-saving – since you won’t need to cook this on top of your standard meals – but it is also one of the most cost-effective sources of protein per grammage.




Protein Supplements: Different Types Of Protein


Protein supplements come in various forms, each catering to different preferences and dietary needs. Prime Growth Nutrition has curated a diverse selection to accommodate every individual’s goals. So, let’s break down a few.


Various Types of Protein Supplements


Whey Protein Supplements: One of the most popular protein powders out there, whey protein is a by-product of milk manufacturing and is the single most protein-dense source out there. It is fast acting, as such it is recommended you take this after your exercise, as it will begin repairing muscles as soon as it enters your system.


Casein Protein Supplements: Casein protein is also one of the most commonly used protein supplements on the market, it is similar to whey protein in that it is also a by-product of milk manufacturing. However, one key difference is the way that casein breaks down and is processed by the body. Recommended as a ‘night-time’ shake, casein is absorbed much slower than its fast-acting whey counterpart. This does not, however, make it less effective. The majority of muscle synthesis and tissue repair takes place while we sleep – it’s part of the reason that we do sleep – so consuming casein before bed is a way to optimise this key stage of repair.


Plant-Based Protein Supplements: While there are stereotypes that exist in the fitness community (think large muscle man eating 20 eggs per meal per day), there are ways to maximise your fitness goals while sticking to a plant-based diet. Since a large portion of high-load protein forms do come from meat sources, protein supplements are an essential means of achieving your protein goals while avoiding eating meat. You can choose from a variety of plant-based (vegan) sources, the most common of which include pea protein.


About Prime Growth Nutrition


While there are many places you could look to buy protein supplements, Prime Growth Nutrition stands apart from the rest thanks to our wide variety of quality-tested, top-tier supplements. With a focus on quality product delivery, we source protein supplements with only the highest-grade ingredients to ensure that whatever your fitness goals, it’s as simple as a drink of a protein shake.


Health Doesn’t Have To Be Boring


When most of us consider getting into fitness training, the thought of running, swimming, and hiking may at first seem daunting. For a lot of us, fitness and exercise sounds like a lot of effort – the effort of pre-cooking and preparing all your meals to ensure your macronutrient intake aligns with your fitness goals. All of this work on top of work…


However, this work is the same as fitness. It’s the reason we go to the gym and do sports. All that ‘work’ becomes trivial through the rush of endorphins we get after a good gym session. Now, rather than letting your protein intake be more ‘work,’ it can be easy – a tasty snack after your workout that contributes to your gains.


Flavourful Fitness


When it comes to the fitness industry, so much of it can be dull and boring. There may even be a spreading of masochistic tendencies, people priding themselves on hardships like eating flavourless boiled chicken. Well, Prime Growth Nutrition understands that hard work may belong in the gym and track, but the kitchen is a place of prideful and lavish taste. While protein supplements are goal-oriented, that shouldn’t limit your ability to enjoy the taste and low-effort nature of a protein shake. Strawberry? Chocolate? Maybe some Vanilla flavouring – No matter your preference, Prime Growth Nutrition has you covered.


Catering To Individual Goals


There are so many protein supplements and fitness influencers out there that figuring out which protein supplement is best for you may be more headache than it’s worth. Perhaps you have already gone the full nine yards through every recommendation and diet plan and are looking for a very specific protein supplement. Here, at Prime Growth Nutrition, we have a wide variety of world-class brands. Whether it be USN or TNT, we gather premium proteins from all around to make your search easier than ever.




Shop From The Comfort Of Your Own Home


While some pharmacies, local and abroad, house a selection of protein supplements, many of these have only a limited offering. On the other hand, the ease of ordering online speaks for itself. You can see what flavours are on offer, firstly, but more than that you can see all the various options and protein supplement nutritional information laid out for you. All of this becomes accessible from the comfort of your own home. Chances are, if your fitness coach/mentors/online influencers have a specific product you would like to try, Prime Growth Nutrition has it stocked.


Vast Variety


No matter your need, Prime Growth Nutrition has you covered. Whether you are looking to optimise your protein intake or smash your fitness goals in other capacities, we have something for you. If you are looking for something to improve your performance in the gym, we have a wide selection of quality pre-workouts to help you smash your personal records. Want to ensure you maximise recovery more than just through protein supplements? We also have a selection of BCAA’s and L-Glutamine supplements to ensure your recovery is not only speedy but optimal, to ensure peak fitness over time.


Science-Backed Quality Information


Flying blind? Are you entirely new to the world of protein supplements and other nutritional aids to ensure you can maximise both fitness and performance? Well, if you are someone who has yet to dip your toe into the world of online fitness information, firstly, we understand. The online fitness space is absolutely bogged down with a vast amount of information. It’s almost too much at times and the wide range of (often conflicting) information can be overwhelming.


Well, at Prime Growth Nutrition, we not only provide a wide arrangement of protein supplements and other nutritional aids, but we also provide a wealth of information completely free of charge. Inform yourself of the benefits of nutritional products through our blog post section. There is a selection of science-backed research articles that break down the utility of all our products to ensure that your decision is always an informed one.


Not sure what BCAA’s are? Need help deciding if your protein supplement should be casein or whey, or both? Check out our blogs on the Prime Growth Nutrition website and figure out what aligns with your fitness goals.




Protein Supplements: The Short Of It


In closing, the journey from novice to professional in terms of one’s fitness doesn’t need to be a slow and uninformed one. Protein supplements are an intrinsic part of most fitness athletes’ journey to an immaculate body composition. Ensure that your needs are met, with the time-saving, and flavourful convenience of making your next purchase through Prime Growth Nutrition.




22 - 30 November 2023

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