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Before working out for the first time, you may have wondered what/why supplements are necessary. The answer is simple: the supplements you need to improve or enhance your performance will be determined by your exercise goals. Whether you’re looking to slim down and get toned, or if your goal is to build some solid muscle, SSA Supplements has something for you.


SSA Supplements is a local producer of high-quality exercise and workout supplements, using only the best ingredients to provide the necessary nutrition for various customers. They are the preferred supplement producer for many within the sports and fitness industries.


While SSA Supplements can help take your fitness and physique to new heights, adequate rest, hydration and a healthy diet also form the building blocks of a fit and healthy body.


This guide will break down the important nutrients needed to build a strong, fit physique and which SSA supplements are best suited to meet these needs, as well as how to use them.






Whey protein powder is a mixture of proteins filtered from whey liquid. Milk mainly contains two types of protein, namely casein and whey. Whey is the liquid part of milk that separates from the casein. It is also a byproduct of cheese making.


Whey is found in the watery part of milk. When cheese is made, the fat in the milk is coagulated and whey is separated as a by-product. If you’ve ever opened a yoghurt container and found liquid floating to the top, that’s whey. Previously, cheesemakers threw it away before they discovered its commercial value.


After being separated during cheese making, whey undergoes various processing steps to become what is commonly known as whey protein. This is a powder added to shakes, meal replacements, and protein bars. Whey protein doesn’t taste particularly good on its own, so it’s usually flavoured. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry-flavoured powders are popular.


The past 20 years have unearthed new information about our dietary needs, especially surrounding how much protein the body requires. It is now generally accepted that hard-training athletes and fitness enthusiasts need a protein intake of 20% to 30% of their daily diet.


It can, however, be inconvenient to take in that much protein on a daily basis as this typically means you have to eat more meals per day. There may not always be time to eat several meals per day; SSA Supplements’ protein powders can easily fill this gap.


At certain times, especially after a workout, protein supplements can actually be more beneficial than simply incorporating more protein-heavy foods into your diet. Whey protein is quickly and easily digested, making it an ideal post-workout protein source. The human gastrointestinal tract can absorb whey protein powder in as little as 1.5 hours.


Below are a few popular whey protein products available from SSA Supplements:


SSA Supplements Premium Whey Protein: This is the highest quality, best-tasting pure whey protein available. With all the benefits of a whey protein powder, the SSA Pure Whey option is the perfect addition to your gym routine. Formulated from a blend of whey isolate, whey hydrolysate and whey concentrate, this powdered dietary supplement provides the ultimate amino intake profile.


SSA Supplement Diet Whey Protein: In addition to the primary benefits of a whole whey protein blend, this SSA supplement option also acts as a meal replacement to promote weight loss and control appetite. For those who hit the gym with the intention of losing weight, consider this flexible whey protein option.


SSA Supplement Whey Extreme: This powerful protein supplement is best taken immediately after training. This new formula comprises a powerful blend of whey protein and L-Glycine, Taurine and ZMB-6 (Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6) to further increase muscle repair and naturally increase testosterone levels.






Glutamine is an adaptogenic amino acid found in proteins. It is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle and also plays an important role in the immune system.


Glutamine is an amino acid that is produced naturally in the body and is found in many foods. Depending on diet, the average person typically consumes between three and six grams of glutamine per day. In supplement form, glutamine can offer additional benefits in building muscle mass.


Glutamine is especially beneficial after exercise due to its ability to restore muscle glycogen and glutamine levels lost during exercise without releasing insulin. This is good news for those who exercise several times a week, especially those on a low-carb diet. A longer recovery time means you can reach your goals faster.


Below are a few popular glutamine products available from SSA Supplements:


SSA Supplements Pure Glutamine: You’ll be able to combat fatigue and feel energised both before and after your workout with this pure glutamine alternative. If you have a hectic schedule and can’t afford to be weary after working out, this might be the supplement for you.


SSA Supplements Amino X-2: This product contains a highly concentrated blend of BCAAs and EAAs. You’ll be able to assure proper amino acid intake with this supplement to fuel your body during intense activities. For good reason, this is a popular supplement among gymgoers. SSA assures a first-rate recipe to assist you in taking your workout to the next level.






Creatine is the best supplement to improve your performance in the gym.


Studies show that it can increase muscle mass, strength and athletic performance. It may also lower blood sugar levels and improve brain function, but more research is needed in these areas.


Some believe that creatine is unsafe and has many side effects. However, scientific evidence does not support these claims. In fact, creatine is one of the most tested supplements in the world and has an excellent safety profile.


Chemically, creatine shares many similarities with amino acids, which are important compounds in the body that help make protein. Your body can make creatine from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine. About 95% of the creatine in the body is stored in muscle, primarily in the form of phosphocreatine. The remaining 5% are in the brain and testicles. Taking supplements increases creatine phosphate stores. This is a form of energy stored in cells. It helps your body produce more of a high-energy molecule called ATP.


ATP is often referred to as the body’s energy currency. More ATP improves your body’s performance during exercise. Creatine also alters several cellular processes that lead to increased muscle mass, strength and recovery.


Creatine is effective for short-term and long-term muscle growth. A 14-week study of older adults found that adding creatine to a strength training program significantly increased leg strength and muscle mass.


In a 12-week study on weightlifters, creatine increased muscle fibre growth two to three times more than exercise alone. Furthermore, in a comprehensive review of the most popular supplements, creatine was chosen as the most effective supplement for building muscle mass.


Below are a few popular creatine products available from SSA Supplements:


SSA Supplements Creatine Supreme: Since its invention, this superpower formula has been tried and tested and is still held in the greatest regard in the gym industry today. This SA Supplements product contains creatine monohydrate and is the ideal choice for dedicated gym goers.


SSA Supplements Creatine Transport: Packed with vital insulin-spiking components, this handy supplement ensures that your creatine intake is adequately absorbed, allowing for greater muscular building. When taken before rigorous workouts, this medication promotes quick muscle recovery and provides an energy boost.


SSA Supplements Hellfire: This product is a powerful energy booster. This pre-workout cocktail is available from SSA supplements to help you stay energised and focused during your workouts. Creatine, beta-alanine, and a NeuroStim Energy compound are among the pre-workout constituents in this potent supplement. This energising supplement will get you psyched and ready for an intense workout.


Other Supplements To Improve Performance


Supplements of all kinds provide numerous health benefits, but it’s important to remember that they’re not one-size-fits-all miracle cures. To be successful, these products must be taken with a nutritious diet, a steady sleep schedule, and regular physical activity.


Whether you go to the gym every day or run once a week, any form of training will make you look and feel better. In addition to the vitamins you take, we recommend including healthy, nutrient-rich foods in your daily diet. Dietary supplements can help you achieve your nutritional demands while also pushing your body to new limits.


SSA Supplements HellFire Neuro: This member of the Hellfire family is for individuals who want to stretch their minds to the limit. This formula has been designed to boost cognitive performance over long periods of time. The Hellfire Neuro combines high-quality nootropics with Hydro-Pump Support to keep your mental performance at its best while keeping you hydrated. It also improves oxygen uptake and blood circulation.


SSA Supplements VO2 Max Boost: This supplement offers a number of benefits and provides a decrease in fatigue for those who take it. The VO2 Max Boost has been developed to provide support in a number of areas, providing comprehensive nutrients to encourage better brain function and neural function. Other benefits include an increase in aerobic endurance and a larger energy output while working out.


SSA Supplements Hellfire RTD Pre-Workout: SSA Supplements Hellfire RTD Pre-Workout is a pre-workout powerhouse inspired by SSA Supplements’ increasingly famous Hellfire Original. Hellfire RTD is a compact 300ml all-in-one liquid energy and focus dose designed to improve your workout performance.


Hellfire RTD’s Ergogenic Support Serum helps with all facets of a successful workout – caffeine for instant energy, Alpha GPC and L-Theanine for razor-sharp focus, Beta Alanine and Beetroot Extract for greater stamina, and a Vitamin B combination to keep workout performance up to par.


SSA’s Hellfire RTD is a must-have for every athlete who wants to get the most out of each rep. It comes in three delicious flavours: Blueberry Blaze, Orange Citrus Bomb, and Red Berry Cooler.


All the above-mentioned SSA Supplements products can be purchased through the official Prime Growth Nutrition website.


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