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SSA Supplements: The Prime Growth Guide


Anyone looking to turbocharge their fitness routine can benefit from SSA supplements. If you’re aiming for gains or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle then Prime Growth is the online supplement store for you. In this quick guide, we’ll cover a few of our top products from Supplements SA, South Africa’s leading nutrient supplement company. From what to take and when to take it, Prime Growth is here to help you push your workout to the next level with these magnificent supplements.


You’ll be able to find dozens of SSA Supplements and a variety of other healthcare products available at Prime Growth’s online store. Snag some supplements to benefit your fitness routine and let us help you be the best you.




SSA Supplements: Where To Start


If you’re wondering where to start with supplements from SSA then this guide is for you. With so many products to choose from, picking the right supplements for your routine can seem quite daunting. The best way to decide which supplements are right for you is to break down exactly what you’re hoping to get out of your gym routine and determine your ultimate fitness goals.


Supplements SA is a South African-based company with a focus on fitness and nutrition. Stirring to provide only the best of the best supplements with the finest-quality raw materials, SSA is favoured by dozens of esteemed individuals in the bodybuilding and sporting industry.


Thanks to SSA’s high-quality products, consumers are guaranteed maximum nutritional performance and impressive results. With the backing and support of international experts at HFL Sports Science, SSA is able to provide products and supplements to suit your needs.


Alongside a healthy diet, frequent hydration, and getting enough sleep, supplements can take your fitness routine to the next level. Here’s a quick breakdown of a few recommended SSA supplements offered by Prime Growth to help you get started:


Whey Protein Powder


If you’re hoping to get some gains and keep your energy up at the same time, then whey protein powder is the perfect supplement to add to your cart. As one of the most popular supplements on the market to date, whey protein powder is an effective energy booster and a trustworthy accomplice when it comes to building muscle and eliminating fat.


Supplements SA offers a variety of whey protein powder options to accommodate everyone, and many of these supplements are supplied by us here at Prime Growth. Here are some of the most popular SSA whey protein options available on Prime Growth to add to your cart:


SSA Supplements Pure Whey: This product is pure whey protein of the highest quality and finest taste. With all the benefits of whey protein powder, the SSA Pure Whey option is the ideal addition to your gym workout routine. Comprising a blend of whey isolate, whey hydrolysate and whey concentrate, this powder-form supplement is the ultimate amino uptake profile.


SSA Supplements Diet Whey Protein: Along with all the major benefits of a full-dosed whey protein blend, this SSA supplement option also works as a meal replacement to facilitate weight loss and control appetites. Anyone hitting the gym with the intention of slimming down will want to consider this accommodating whey protein option.


SSA Supplements Whey Extreme: Best taken directly after training, this powerful protein supplement is a blend of whey protein infused with creatine to boost muscle growth and increase stamina. This product aids in promoting muscle recovery and can help to gradually increase your strength and endurance during workouts.




SSA Supplements Whey Isolate: Whey Isolate boasts a superior design and more benefits in comparison to why concentrate. This whey isolate product comprises refined ingredients and a higher amino acid profile. This is a great option for individuals who are lactose intolerant but still want to benefit from whey protein powder. This supplement is easier to digest and widely beneficial.




Creatine powder is another leading supplement in the sporting and fitness industry. Creatine supplements give your body the boost it needs to push yourself to the max. Supplying a staggering energy boost, creatine supplements can enhance your performance.


With this extra energy, you’ll be able to gym harder and for longer, rocketing you closer to your ultimate fitness goals. Anyone aiming to pack on muscle or simply push harder at the gym can benefit from effective creatine supplements. Here are a few creatine products from SSA that you can find at Prime Growth:


SSA Supplements Creatine Supreme: This superpower formula has been tried and tested since its discovery and is still held in the highest regard in the gym industry today. This product from SA supplements is packed with creatine monohydrate and perfect for avid gym-goers.


SSA Supplements Creatine Transport: This useful supplement comes packed with essential insulin-spiking components meaning that your creatine uptake is absorbed effectively, allowing for increased muscle growth. This product is great for rapid muscle recovery and delivers a surge of energy when taken before strenuous workouts.


SSA Supplements Hellfire: This product is an energy stimulator like no other. SA supplements offers this pre-workout cocktail to get you energised and focused during your workouts. The pre-workout ingredients in this powerful supplement include creatine, beta-alanine and a NeuroStim Energy complex. Get pumped and prepared for a powerful workout with this energising supplement.




Supplementing your fitness routine with Glutamine can strengthen your immune system, increase protein synthesis and give you an energy boost all in one go. Glutamine is an amino acid that assists the synthesis of protein, thus supporting muscle growth. This can be a useful supplement for those aiming to build muscle or lose weight. While you can get high doses of glutamine from certain foods, SSA offers a few Glutamine supplements to help you get the exact dose needed to boost your workout:


SSA Supplements Pure Glutamine: With this pure glutamine option, you’ll be able to beat fatigue and feel energised both before and after your workout. If you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to be exhausted after hitting the gym then this might just be the ideal supplement for you.




SSA Supplements Amino X-2: This product boasts a highly concentrated combination of BCAAs and EAAs. With this supplement, you’ll be able to ensure optimal intake of amino acid to fuel your body during strenuous workouts. This is a popular supplement amongst gym enthusiasts and for good reason. SSA guarantees a top-class formula to help you take your workout to the next level.


SSA Supplements Massive Muscle: The benefits of this supplement is right there in the title. Packed with essential proteins and carbohydrate chains to boost energy levels, this powerhouse gym supplement is essential for any fitness freak looking to generate some serious gains.


Intra-Workout Carbs


Taking intra-workout carbs is a great way to prevent fatigue during workouts as well as improve performance. The revolutionary intra-workout supplements are taking the fitness world by storm, and Prime Growth is here to accommodate the growing demand. Here are two useful intra-workout supplements from SSA to implement in your fitness routine:


SSA Supplements Dextrose: The simple sugars of this product assist the body in breaking down carbs to use as an energy source during strenuous workouts. This supplement allows for a near-instantaneous energy supply to your body, facilitating an energetic workout and a mind-blowing pump.


SSA Supplements Maltodextrin: Marketed as next-level intra-workout nutrition, this supplement consists of a fast-digesting carbohydrate – Maltodextrin, that prevents muscle catabolism during intense workouts.


General Health And Fitness


If packing on muscle isn’t your main focus, then not to worry – Prime Growth offers a broad array of health and fitness supplements to support your needs. Whether you simply want to maintain your current fitness routine, or if you’re aiming to better manage your workouts, SSA has a supplement for you. Take a look through some of these affordable products and let Prime Growth help you be the best you:


SSA Super Vit: These supplements come in capsule form and serve to boost and strengthen your immune system. Whether you’re aiming to generally improve your health or want to reduce the risk of falling ill, this supplement might be the ideal choice for you.


SSA Joint Support: These capsules assist in strengthening your bones, joints, and tendons. If your workout leaves you with aching bones and throbbing joints, then this supplement is the right choice for you. These supplements serve to alleviate the stress put on your body during workouts and can prove to be a helpful solution to aches and pains after lifting heavy weights.


SSA Cramp Control: This product works as a cramp relief formula and alleviates cramps by improving blood flow. This supplement is favoured by rugby players as it is able to alleviate aches and pains by promoting blood flow in areas that have experienced trauma.




SSA Liver Support: These capsules contain a concentrated dose of Prunella Vulgaris and milk thistle. The Liver Support supplement serves as an all-encompassing liver cleansing system to keep your body in peak condition. This is a useful supplement for anyone who wants to indulge in fast food while still sticking to a gym routine.


SSA Breast Support: These capsules aid in breast support, encouraging the buildup of glandular tissue. These all natural breast enhancements are the perfect addition to upper body workouts.


SSA Vegan Protein: This product is the perfect vegan substitute for protein supplements. This hemp-infused, plant-based protein supplement is easy to digest and aids in lean muscle building when coupled with continuous workouts.


In Addition To Supplements


While supplements of all kinds are vastly beneficial for facilitating a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to remember that supplements are not an all-encompassing miracle tool. In order for these products to work effectively, you will need to pair them with a healthy diet, a reasonable sleep schedule, and frequent activity.


Whether you’re hitting the gym daily or simply sticking to a weekly run, any form of workout is recommended to keep you looking and feeling your best. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to include healthy foods in your daily diet alongside whatever supplements you decide on. Supplements are there to contribute to your dietary requirements and to help you push your body to new extremes.


About Prime Growth


Prime Growth is an online supplement store geared towards health and fitness. We believe that everybody deserves to live a healthy lifestyle and we provide a variety of products and supplements to help with this. Working with esteemed manufacturers like SSA, our customers can rest assured that they will be getting the highest-quality products when buying through Prime Growth.


Take a look through our catalogue of products and find the perfect supplement to help you achieve your fitness goals. Prime Growth is here to help you be the best you, so don’t hesitate to stock up on supplies and start your fitness journey today!






22 - 30 November 2023

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