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Whey Extreme: Start Your Fitness Journey The Right Way


Whether you are new to the fitness world or an experienced veteran, the SSA Supplements Whey Extreme can offer a wide range of benefits. In this brief guide, we will explore what makes protein powder such an essential gym aid. Additionally, we will get into a few little-known facts about these useful supplements. Protein powder is easily the most widely used health and fitness product in the industry, and once you have tried it for yourself, it becomes clear why this is the case.




With Prime Growth Nutrition, you have a vast selection of high-quality formulas and products available to you at the click of a button. With us, it has never been simpler to smash your fitness expectations and make major progress in the gym. So, if you are interested in finding out more about the SSA Supplements Whey Extreme and other excellent offerings from our online store, we encourage you to read on.


Whey Extreme: What Makes Whey Protein Powders So Popular?


While it may seem strange, there are records of individuals utilising whey protein, in its most basic form, all the way back in the 16th century! Even then, farmers in Swiss villages realised that it offered a range of health benefits, and they would use it in tonics to improve the health of fellow villagers when they became ill. Further down the line, whey proteins were gaining traction as a popular choice among aristocrats in England, as they felt it improved their vitality and strength. Of course, they were right.


Nowadays, through scientific research and experimentation, our understanding of whey proteins has been refined far beyond what these early adopters could have imagined. It is now remarkably easy to digest, delicious to drink, and offers plenty of biological value. This value refers to the many essential amino acids found in whey, as well as other vital serum proteins like immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, alpha-lactalbumin, and more. These can enhance a plethora of processes inside the human body, including immune health, neurotransmitter balance, digestion, and much more.


However, it is most known for its miraculous ability to improve body composition, reduce cravings, and generally help individuals pack on lean muscle mass when exercising. It does this in two ways; by decreasing protein breakdown in the body, while simultaneously increasing protein synthesis. This has been proven time and time again in studies conducted across the globe, and it is now well understood that whey is one of, if not the most useful, supplements available to fitness enthusiasts and gym goers. Ultimately, when you look at the many benefits whey provides, it becomes quite easy to see why it is so popular in the fitness world.




A Closer Look At How Whey Can Work For You


Allow us to walk you through these benefits in more detail and analyse what makes the Whey Extreme from SSA Supplements and other whey-based formulas so effective.


Whey Is An Incredible Source Of High-Quality Protein


As you may already know, it can be quite challenging to meet protein and caloric intake requirements through diet alone. Of course, it is possible, but protein powders make it significantly easier and more affordable. Whey is considered to be a complete, great-quality protein that contains an array of amino acids that bolster many bodily functions, as we briefly touched on earlier. As it is highly digestible, your gut is able to absorb the many useful proteins with ease, especially when compared to other sources of protein.


There are three main categories of whey-based supplements, namely whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. All three are designed with slightly different uses in mind, and they excel in achieving different results – we will get into this further at a later stage in the guide. For those who want to up their protein intake and make impressive gains at the gym, it is tough to compete with the value whey provides.


Whey Extreme: Increase Muscle Mass Like Never Before


The ability to increase protein synthesis and decrease protein breakdown in the body is what makes whey-based supplements excellent for putting on lean muscle mass. Essentially, whey encourages your system to absorb protein at a rapid rate, while also holding onto these same proteins for longer periods. This allows your system to make great use of all the essential amino acids by giving your body time to circulate them through your bloodstream – resulting in quicker absorption than you would find with other fitness supplements.


Muscles require energy to grow, and protein is the ideal energy source to draw from. When paired with a healthy, nutritious diet and good amounts of exercise, your body has all the tools it needs to add muscle mass in a sustainable fashion. This applies to gym goers of all ages too, as whey has been proven to slow or prevent the loss of muscle mass as one gets older.


Whey Extreme: Improve Body Composition


One aspect of using whey products that frequently flies under the radar is that they help with feelings of fullness. This increased satiety can help you steer clear of over-eating and consuming too many calories. This is one of the reasons why whey is also considered a great weight loss supplement. When you pair the reduced cravings with the increase in muscle mass, you are effectively losing fat while packing on muscle. For many people, this is an ideal scenario, as you are achieving two positive outcomes at the same time. Whether you are a bodybuilder, endurance athlete, or just looking to stay in good shape, the combination of these factors can be a game-changer.




Whey Extreme: Two Amazing Whey Products From Our Online Store


At Prime Growth Nutrition, we have one of the largest selections of fitness formulas in South Africa. We are passionate about supplying our customers with the finest supplements on the market, and every brand we collaborate with puts their products through rigorous testing to ensure effectiveness and safe use. For those who want to take their fitness to the next level, we are the perfect one-stop shop for all of your supplemental needs.


SSA Supplements Whey Extreme


The Whey Extreme from our friends at SSA Supplements is undoubtedly one of the best whey-based products you will find anywhere. Coming in equally delicious vanilla and chocolate flavours and containing a whopping 21g of protein per serving, it is easy to see why this formula is so widely appreciated. They have implemented a unique blend of proteins that provides both medium and fast release of essential amino acids that work wonders for your system’s ability to repair itself post-workout.


If you weren’t already convinced, the Whey Extreme features substantial amounts of creatine monohydrate, L-glycine, and taurine, which should help you achieve results that you may have thought to be impossible in the past. The protein-to-carb ratio is 2:1, which makes this whey protein ideal for those wanting to build or maintain lean muscle mass. Multiple components in this supplement can naturally increase testosterone levels and help you get the utmost from every gym session. SSA Supplements truly went above and beyond with this offering, and we can say with some surety that you will not be disappointed if you decide to try it for yourself.


NPL Platinum Whey+ Protein


For those who are seeking an all-rounder style of whey supplement, this could be exactly what you have been searching for. This protein blend contains whey protein concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate, in addition to micellar casein, egg white protein, pea and rice proteins, and zero added sugar. This makes the Platinum Whey Protein Plus essential for gym goers who enjoy a wide range of workouts – it offers something for everyone, regardless of the style of exercise you prefer.


The full-spectrum, Hepta protein blend with several sources of lean protein provides enough protein to encourage major muscle gains, enhance recovery, and improves your body’s ability to maintain muscle mass. Somehow, NPL managed to provide all of these benefits while keeping this formula impressively low on carbohydrates, which should help you pack on muscle without worrying too much about exceeding your caloric requirements. This supplement is certainly worth your consideration.


As always, we will offer a small disclaimer about the use of our supplements. They are not designed to replace a healthy diet and regular exercise, rather, they are intended to supplement these crucial practices. Supplements like whey, creatine, pre-workout formulas, etc., are incredibly useful and will be a crucial part of any fitness journey. However, they alone will not help you achieve the results you are seeking.


It is the combination of diet, frequent workouts, and supplements that will assist you in smashing your fitness goals. Additionally, it is important to mention that we recommend checking in with a healthcare professional before beginning a new supplemental regime, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.




Whey Extreme: A Few Little-Known Facts About Whey Proteins


As we mentioned in the introduction, we will delve into a few benefits that are not as frequently spoken when it comes to whey supplements. Whey provides so much biological value that some of these facts have only become known in recent years. Let’s get into it:


Whey Can Lower Blood Pressure – Whey proteins have been shown to help those with hypertension, or abnormally high blood pressure, by bringing their BP levels back into a normal range. The reason for this is that certain bioactive peptides, known as lactokinins in whey, have demonstrated positive effects on blood pressure. Other dairy products have also been shown to do this but to a lesser extent.


Whey Has The Potential To Help Those With Type 2 Diabetes – As you may know, this disease is characterised by high blood sugar levels and a reduced ability to create insulin. Whey has been proven to greatly assist in moderating blood sugar, raising insulin production and increasing the body’s sensitivity to its effects. This can help those suffering from type 2 diabetes to stay within healthy limits and better regulate the presence of sugar within their cells.


Whey Can Reduce Inflammation – This is a part of the reason why these types of supplements are so useful for post-workout recovery. When you push your muscles to the limit, micro-tears are created and as they heal, your muscles grow stronger and larger. Studies have shown that taking around 20g per day can significantly reduce the C-reactive protein, which is a key marker of inflammation. This applies not only to post-workout recovery but also to other chronic inflammation in the body that can have negative side effects if left unattended.


Whey Extreme: In Conclusion


We do hope that you have found this guide to be insightful and that you have learned a thing or two about the incredible abilities of whey-based proteins. If you are considering trying one of these supplements out for yourself, consider us at Prime Growth Nutrition, we have something to fit every fitness and health-related need!



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