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Why SSA Supplements Are Fitness Essentials


SSA Supplements are undoubtedly one of the most popular, high-quality brands available from our Prime Growth Nutrition online store. We are thrilled to be able to present you with their affordable and flavourful product range – with a supplement to meet almost any fitness need. Ranging from pre-workouts to testosterone support formulas, there truly is something for everyone.


Whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or you are a hardened gym-veteran, SSA Supplements and Prime Growth Nutrition has your back. In this article, we will look at some SSA Supplement products in detail and throw in a few tips and tricks that should have you smashing your fitness goals in no time.




Benefits Of Testosterone Support Supplements


These types of supplements are not as frequently mentioned in comparison to other, more well-known formulas – but they can absolutely change the way you exercise and can even have huge benefits outside of the gym as well.


The SSA Supplements Testo Blast is one of the best testosterone boosters on the market today. It contains Tribulus Terrestris, which is an extraordinary plant proven to increase testosterone levels in the body. This combination of ingredients from SSA Supplements can amp levels of testosterone by an incredible 83%! As one would imagine, this has major upsides in terms of working out. Let’s cover 4 reasons why testosterone supplementation is worth your consideration:


Increased Strength and Muscle Mass: Testosterone is possibly the most important hormone contributing to the development of strength and muscle mass. Effective testosterone supplementation can hugely improve muscle size, boost athletic performance, and enhance strength and power output. This makes it ideal for those that work out frequently and are looking to significantly improve their physical fitness and physique.


Improved Bone Density: This can become especially vital as men get older, as testosterone is massively important for maintaining strong bones. As men age, their levels of testosterone naturally decline which eventually leads to a decrease in the density of bones and an increased risk of osteoporosis. Proper supplementation can assist the body to keep the bones strong and avoid osteoporotic breaks and fractures. SSA Supplements have created a product that facilitates such dramatic increases in ‘test’ levels that this should not be a problem.


Boosted Sexual Function: Testosterone plays a key role in the sexual function of men. Reduced levels of testosterone can result in reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, and a plethora of other undesirable sexual health issues. Supplementation can greatly improve sexual performance and drive, and even restores normal sexual functionality to those who have pre-existing issues.


Greatly Improved Mood and Mental Health: Testosterone has a closer link to mental health in men than most people may be aware of. Low levels of testosterone have been linked to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It is quite impressive how much of a difference higher ‘test’ levels can make in terms of mental-wellbeing and health in men.


As you can see, the benefits of testosterone supplementation go far beyond boosted athletic ability. Even for those who are not interested in working out or any of the physical performance improvements on offer, there is a major up-side to using testosterone boosters.




Are You Looking For A Great Endurance Booster?


SSA Supplements might just have the perfect product for you. The SSA Supplements Enduro-X has been painstakingly created with a Multi-Stage Carbohydrate release formula that should keep you moving and grooving for extended periods of time.


The ingredients also include pine bark that will significantly reduce intense cramping – a common issue for endurance athletes, as well as a multitude of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) that provide you with all the vitamins and minerals you may need for sustained endurance training. This product from SSA Supplements is something we highly recommend you don’t miss out on. Furthermore, here are 4 reasons why these types of supplements are so effective:


Increased and Sustained Energy: Multi-Stage Carbohydrate release formulas are created to provide the body with sustained energy and are normally catered to endurance athletes. They often contain complex carbohydrates that can be gradually absorbed into the bloodstream, providing your body with a steady stream of energy over extended periods. This is excellent for endurance activities and marathon-style events.


Greatly Improved Endurance: Beta-alanine, which is present in the SSA Supplements Enduro-X formula, is an amino acid that has been proven to greatly improve endurance. It does this by reducing muscle fatigue and allowing athletes to perform at an extremely high energy level for longer stretches of time. When in combination with carbohydrates, beta-alanine will contribute massively to the energy-providing benefits of this supplement.


Improved Hydration: Taurine is another majorly beneficial amino acid that helps regulate the fluid balance in the body and enhances hydration during endurance-style activities. This prevents dehydration and assists in maintaining performance levels, especially when it is hot or humid. Any improvement in the body’s ability to remain hydrated is a huge advantage when it comes to endurance training, allowing you to safely push yourself further than before.


Muscle Recovery: BCAAs, as mentioned earlier, form an essential amino acid that fulfils a vital role in muscle repair and recovery. They will improve recovery and reduce muscle damage after intense workout sessions. This allows you to perform at your best the next time you visit the gym or head into a competition.


These benefits speak for themselves in many ways, and anyone who has done intense endurance training will attest to the usefulness of this type of supplement. If you are considering running a marathon or joining an Iron Man-type competition, this formula from SSA Supplements may be perfect for you!


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Improve Your General Health And Support Your Vital Organs


We, at Prime Growth Nutrition, offer a wide range of incredibly helpful products and the SSA Supplements Liver Support is another undeniably invaluable supplement. It contains milk thistle and Prunella Vulgaris, both of which provide protection and cleansing capabilities for the liver. Here are 4 benefits of using this supplement for your consideration:


Supports Liver Functionality: Milk thistle and Prunella Vulgaris are two vital ingredients commonly found in liver protection formulas. They have been proven to facilitate enhanced liver functionality and protect your liver from oxidative stress and damage. This is especially beneficial for those who engage in high-intensity workouts, as the liver is exposed to extra stress when breaking down the toxins created during exercise.


Detoxifies the Body: Both milk thistle and Prunella Vulgaris contain many antioxidants and other components that support the body’s natural processes of detoxification. Again, this is incredibly useful for those who engage in intense physical activity as the liver is working on over-time during workouts. This is why liver health is much more closely linked to physical performance than many people understand.


Improved Digestive Capabilities: Milk thistle specifically, has been shown to greatly improve digestion by supporting the function of the liver and gallbladder. This should ensure the proper digestion of nutrients, which is incredibly important for active individuals and those looking to stay on top of their general health. Supporting the organs that absorb all the nutrients from the food we eat is essential.


Enhanced Athletic Ability: A healthy liver goes a long way in terms of overall health and wellness, and can also have a very positive impact on physical performance. By supporting liver functionality and detoxification processes, these formulas from SSA Supplements can help to ensure you are working out at optimal capacity and simultaneously reduce the risk of illness and injury.


We always encourage our customers to take their health seriously and preemptively protect their bodies from toxins and disease. The Liver Support supplement will always be a great go-to for detoxification and general health.




Nature’s Superpower Formula


We have looked at a few lesser-known supplements so far but now it’s time to touch on one of the most popular supplements on the market; Creatine. The SSA Supplements Creatine Supreme is an excellent formula that does not stray too far from the norm in terms of creatine-based supplements, and it does not need to – why fix something that isn’t broken? SSA Supplements offers just the right ingredients in this formula to provide your body with all the creatine it will need and all the benefits thereof. Let’s look at 4 reasons why creatine is perhaps the most reliable and useful fitness supplement:


Increased Power and Muscle Strength: Creatine has been proven time and time again to drastically improve muscle strength and power. This is the case because it helps to provide the muscles with energy far more efficiently, enabling you to use more powerful contractions when exercising. This leads to significant gains over time, as well as enhanced athletic performance in many different kinds of exercises and workouts.


Massively Boosted Recovery Abilities: Creatine reduces the damage caused to muscles during intense gym sessions, and improves recovery time greatly. This happens because the supplement reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, which is the primary cause of permanent muscle damage – this paired with the greatly enhanced recovery one gets from creatine means that you can exercise more intensely and more frequently.


Improved Cognitive Ability: On top of all the major physical benefits the body reaps from creatine, it has also been proven to improve cognitive function – with memory and mental processing speed being boosted. This is the case because the brain is more effectively supplied with energy, allowing for faster and more accurate mental performance. Meaning that creatine is not just useful for athletes and gym lovers, but also for students, elderly individuals, and professionals seeking mental sharpness and awareness.


Increased Muscle Endurance: Creatine has been shown to positively impact the body’s ability to perform high-intensity exercises for longer periods of time. This is because it encourages a delay in fatigue by boosting stores of phosphocreatine in your system. This means it becomes possible to train harder and for longer than ever, leading you to excellent fitness results and gains over time.


It is incredibly impressive what creatine can do for one’s body and mind. There is a good reason that most athletes absolutely swear by its use and have been enjoying the benefits for decades. We highly suggest you try out this creatine-based supplement, as well as a variety of other health and fitness products from our Prime Growth Nutrition online store.




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