Vitatech Greens Powder (200g)

R 199.00


Vitatech Greens Powder is formulated with a lot of good nutritional ingredients that your body needs. This Greens powder is there to help you get your daily dose of greens in, to ensure optimal health. Some of the ingredients and benefits include:


Solgar Lecithin Granules are obtained from high quality natural soybeans, providing you with a rich source of phospholipids. As a daily supplement, soy lecithin is useful for improving digestion, promoting liver health and lowering cholesterol levels. The nutrients in soy lecithin can also be helpful to breastfeeding moms, by preventing blocked milk ducts.

Spirulina boasts a 60% protein content — it’s a richer source of protein than most vegetables — and it’s also a good source of beta-carotene, various minerals, and gamma-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid; potential health benefits include immune and cardiovascular health.

Barley grass is an excellent immune booster with alkalising properties and high vitamin C content. Barley Grass gives you a heaping helping of disease-fighting antioxidants, chlorophyll and plant-based proteins.

Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids. Some research suggests that wheatgrass contains healing properties

Alfalfa leaf is high in protein & amino acids, plus vitamins A, D & K. Chlorella, is high in protein, and naturally rich in chlorophyll and iron. Chlorella is good for energy levels and immunity, and also promotes healthy red blood cell formation. For maximum absorption and benefit, Solgar’s Chlorella supplement comes in “broken cell-wall” form.

  • This Product has a NAPPI CODE (Claim it from your medical aid).



  • Mix 1 scoop (approx. 5g) with 250ml of water in a shaker cup or add to your smoothie.



Seek advice from a health care professional before use if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.