NPL Whey Protein: The Results You Can Expect


For those who are familiar with Nutritional Performance Labs and their NPL whey protein, you will already know that they create some of the finest products in the industry. Today, we will unpack the reality of whey protein powders and the results you should expect from them. Additionally, we will delve into a few tips and tricks for those starting their supplemental journeys.


At Prime Growth Nutrition, you have one of the most impressive selections of fitness and health-related supplements in our nation – available to you with the simple click of a button. So, if you are like us, and you like to know all the facts before throwing yourself into a new supplement or routine, you are certainly in the right place. Without any further ado, let’s get into the guide.


NPL Whey Protein: Advice For Those Starting Their Fitness/Supplement Journeys


Whey protein is widely considered to be a gym-essential, and it is quite easily the most recognisable supplement in the world. This is the case because it is one of, if not the most versatile and effective workout aids available to you. However, we do understand that, at first, the amount of sheer variety and options can seem intimidating – that’s where we come in. Let’s have a quick run-through of how it all works, and what to look out for.


For those who are trying to smash their fitness goals at the gym, protein is perhaps the most crucial macronutrient that your body will require. Essentially, it is a big molecule made up of amino acids, which are some of the most important building blocks in our bodies – they play a role in almost everything, from neurotransmitters to hormones, and enzymes.


One of the foremost benefits of using NPL whey protein powder, and other high-quality choices, is that they provide you with most of these incredibly important proteins and nutrients, without needing to entirely change your diet to include a suitable amount of protein. Those who have tried will understand that this is an extremely tough endeavour and can end up being very costly.


So, if you are seeking to promote impressive muscle growth, enhance your body’s natural ability to repair itself, lose weight, or generally boost your overall health, whey protein powder is undoubtedly the way to go! If you are just getting into supplements, there are three main types of protein powder to consider – concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate.


We have dissected these options at length in other articles, so if you would like more information about them individually, we encourage you to have a look at some of our other guides. Today, however, we will focus on which of these three is best suited to you, depending on your fitness goals and aspirations.




NPL Whey Protein: Which Protein Powder Is Right For Me?


When considering this question, the most important factors are your goals, dietary requirements or restrictions, and your fitness budget. If you intend to lift as heavy and as often as possible, with the goal being to pack on as much muscle as humanly possible, whey protein concentrate is probably the right way to go.


This option is commonly chosen by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who focus on body composition and size, as it is a remarkably well-balanced supplement. With that being said, athletes from a multitude of disciplines make excellent use of whey concentrate proteins, not only bodybuilders.


The standard composition is between 70 – 80% protein concentration, with lactose and carbohydrates included in healthy amounts, as well as a variety of other nutrients which will depend on the brand and quality. Concentrate-based proteins tend to be more affordable, and this is a part of the reason why it is easily the most popular of the three types of whey proteins.


For those who are looking to lose weight and want a solution with minimal calories, struggle to digest milk, or are lactose intolerant, you might find that whey isolate proteins are a better choice.




Isolate consists of most of the same components as concentrate but with a few key differences. The largest of these is that it has gone through additional refinement to increase the purity of the formula. This accomplishes two things; firstly, most of the fat and carbs present in concentrated proteins are filtered out. Ultimately, this leaves you with an impressive 80 – 95% protein concentration! Secondly, it removes essentially all the lactose from the supplement, making it an ideal choice for those who struggle with dairy products or are vegan.


Think about it this way, if concentrate is considered to be a slower digesting protein and isolate is a significantly faster choice, then hydrolysate is the quickest digesting of the three kinds of protein. This is the case because it has already been half-digested by a process of partial breakdown, which breaks the longer protein chains down and makes the blend considerably easier to digest.


If you struggle with digestive issues or allergies and are looking for an excellent source of protein, then whey hydrolysate is a game-changer. Keep in mind that it is the priciest of the three choices, as a result of the comprehensive filtration processes it must undergo.




NPL Whey Protein: A Few Supplements From Our Online Store


Now that you have a good idea of what to look out for, and the unique characteristics of each type of protein, let’s delve into a few NPL whey protein options which should help you exceed your fitness expectations.


NPL is a proudly South African brand that seeks to bring super high-quality formulas and supplements into the wellness landscape. They are continuously pushing the boundaries and introducing new and exciting products that take the fitness world by storm.


1. NPL Whey Protein: NPL Platinum Whey Protein


This is one of NPL’s most popular supplements, and once you try it, it’s quite simple to understand why. Earlier, we spoke about the three different types of whey proteins, and this supplement includes all three – for optimal performance and quality, experience the benefits of them all. Despite utilising all three forms of protein, the NPL Platinum Whey has been processed in such a way that it preserves all of its natural properties and characteristics, including the essential amino acids. If you want to pack on lean muscle mass without worrying too much about carbs, fats, or sugar, this offering could be exactly what you have been searching for. To top it all off, it features an impressive 22g of protein per serving, while being one of the best-tasting formulas on the market!


2. NPL Whey Protein: NPL Anabolic Whey


For those wanting to take their fitness experience to the next level, it is extremely hard to compete with the effectiveness of the NPL Anabolic Whey formula. What exactly makes it ‘Anabolic’ whey? Well, it has been created with pure muscle-building proteins that function synergistically with all the other crucial ingredients, ultimately, promoting anabolism.


These ingredients come together in a remarkable way to create the ideal environment for lean muscle growth and muscle protein synthesis – this signals the body to naturally release growth hormone, which is what truly sets this supplement apart from the rest. Take one scoop in the morning and one immediately after your gym session, and you are set to smash your fitness goals in no time!


3. NPL Whey Protein: NPL 100% Whey Isolate


Unlike the first two offerings from NPL, the NPL 100% Whey Isolate is a single source pure protein isolate. The advanced cold temperature cross-flow microfiltration ensures that the formula holds onto all the important micro-fractions – ensuring purity as you have never seen before. This fast-digesting protein source is perfect for those who want to develop muscle size and strength quickly.


The high BCAA count only adds to the supplement’s effectiveness, and the lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, and glycomacropeptides will work wonders for your system’s ability to repair itself post-workout. If you are on the hunt for the ideal single-source isolate protein, you may have come across one of the best choices available to you.




NPL Whey Protein: What Sort Of Results Should You Expect?


The answer to this question will depend on a number of variables, including how hard you train, your diet, your supplemental routine, genetics, and more. If you are starting your gym journey and only just getting into frequent workouts, you can expect to see obvious results within two months, as this is the period where you will progress the fastest – this is often called “newbie” gains. This refers to the obvious and rapid increase in muscle mass when those with little to no weightlifting experience begin working out.


As a general rule, most men should expect to pack on around 12kg of muscle mass in their first year of frequent exercise, and women should see about half of that. It is during this period that you will likely progress the fastest, as after the first year, your body will become slightly less receptive to this quick growth. Essentially, if you are just starting out, you have much to look forward to – this period is exceptionally satisfying and is one of the reasons why so many individuals fall in love with working out.


This can be amplified with a good diet and supplemental routine, as when you pair these newbie gains with high-quality protein sources and nutrients, you can become a force to be reckoned with in no time. For those who have been working out for some time now, you will already know that progress is slightly slower – seasoned gym goers can usually gain around 2 – 4kg of muscle mass in a year. With that being said, if someone has been working out frequently but somewhat neglecting their diet or not consuming an adequate amount of protein, and they decide to correct this, one can also experience a period of intense growth similar to that of newbie gains.


At the end of the day, it is always better to enjoy the process and fall in love with the process of becoming fit, rather than focusing on the numbers and making comparisons. This way, you can form positive habits that ensure your fitness journey is a long and prosperous one.


When it comes to strength gains, it works in a similar manner. In the first year of exercise, some individuals who are more inclined towards powerlifting can make strength gains of almost 300kg, whereas those who have been hitting the gym for some time will likely progress at a rate of 15kg per year.


Well, now you know what to expect and you have been equipped with much of the information you need to excel, so why not throw yourself into the process and see what comes of it?



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